Website Breakdown

Website Breakdown
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Website Breakdown

Your website is your #1 marketing tool

Your marketing efforts today are fueled entirely by having an engaging website that is of use to your customer base and is easily found across social media, the search engines and elsewhere. This content tells your customers who you are and what your business stands for, which can help build trust with them over time. Knowing what topics to focus on, and how to craft readable material that drives action are important considerations to keep in mind when creating content. We can help your organization keep these elements in mind as we create content on your behalf that is aligned with your ongoing marketing goals.

1. Develop a Website Marketing Strategy

First, start with a consultation to identify the best strategy to meet your goals.  During this consultation process we will:

  • Determine your audience and develop your brand persona
  • Conduct a content inventory and audit (if needed)
  • Identify your business goals
  • Creating a successful SEO strategy

2. Content Creation

Before any writing begins we must first conduct a keyword research to determine what will best help achieve your goals and position your brand.  Once established, during this phase of the website creation we will:

  • Identify the appropriate website structure
  • Create content for a landing pages and/or site pages
  • Create your cornerstone content (content that should be consistent across various mediums)
  • Submit the content for your review and edits/tweaks
  • How-to create content your audience wants

3. Website Creation

Once you have approved the content of your site we will begin development! This includes:

  • Develop the 1st Draft of your Site for your review
  • Take all feedback and edit your site per your specifications
  • Implement the final review of the site
  • Begin the hosting process for launch!
  • What makes a good website?

4. Mobile-First

The mobile-first world is already a reality:

  • Nearly 27% of bookings, 24% of room nights, and 20% of revenue came from mobile devices. If we include voice reservations originating from the hotel mobile website, over 35% of bookings and 25% of revenue originated from the mobile channel.
  • Nearly 59% of web visitors and 52% of page views were generated from mobile devices.
    The iPad outperformed all other tablet devices and was responsible for nearly 88% of tablet revenue and 86% of tablet
  • Mobile-first design strategy

Compare this to 2015, when mobile devices generated:

  • Less than 21% of bookings, 17% of room nights and 15% of revenue
  • Less than 38% of web visitors and 40% of page views

Or to 2012, when mobile devices generated:

  • Less than 9.5% of bookings, 8.6% of room nights and 9% of revenue
  • Less than 17% of web visitors and 14% of page views
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5. Content Analytics & Improvement

How will we know if the content is achieving your goals unless we measure results and adjust?  After 30-90 days we can analyze the content to determine where we can adjust for maximum results.  This phase would include:

While not every stage and service is appropriate for every client, this should give some insight into our priorities and our approach to content marketing

Hire ThePixel to build your next website!

Since our founding in 2008, we’ve created and launched many types of business websites. Over the last decade and we’ve learned a thing or two! That’s why we’re masters of our craft, let us help you build the website of your dreams – one that generates traffic, leads and conversions.

Are you ready to start? If yes, contact ThePixel and one of our representatives will guide you through the website phases and how the process works either by a Zoom Meeting or phone.

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