SEO Audit Report

SEO Audit Report

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SEO is about pleasing both the users and the search engines. Mobile usage is quickly becoming the standard for web searching. Google has stated that they prefer responsive design techniques, and many users will instantly leave a site that doesn’t function properly on mobile.

Make sure your page content is focused on the visitor and providing them with the information they are looking for. Include keywords in your content by focusing on your target market and the terminology they will be using to search for the product, resources, or content you offer. A great way to add unique and resourceful website content is through a blog.

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Our SEO Audit Process



• Too many or too few internal links
• Too many external links
• Broken external links
• Missing multilingual confirmation links
• Incorrect multilingual language codes

Data Driven

• Missed Structured Data
• OpenGraph Title tag length
• Duplicate or missing OpenGraph Title tag
• OpenGraph Description tag length
• Duplicate or missing OpenGraph Description tag

Quality Assurance

• Broken internal link
• Redirects pointing to an external domain
• Link HREF with leading or trailing whitespace
• Redirect (3xx) Chaining
• Redirects to Broken URLs (404) and Blocked CSS files and Javascript files