SEO Audit Report

SEO Audit Report

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Search Engine Optimization Website Audit Tool

SEO Audit Report

Are you curious what areas of your website are lacking? Our FREE SEO Audit Report is a comprehensive PDF report showcasing all critical aspects of your website, good and bad. Know what is working and what you need to improve on in 3 minutes! Download the free PDF report and hire ThePixel to boost your website impact!

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Our SEO Audit Process



• Too many or too few internal links
• Too many external links
• Broken external links
• Missing multilingual confirmation links
• Incorrect multilingual language codes

Data Driven

• Missed Structured Data
• OpenGraph Title tag length
• Duplicate or missing OpenGraph Title tag
• OpenGraph Description tag length
• Duplicate or missing OpenGraph Description tag

Data Driven

• Broken internal link
• Redirects pointing to an external domain
• Link HREF with leading or trailing whitespace
• Redirect (3xx) Chaining
• Redirects to Broken URLs (404) and Blocked CSS files and Javascript files


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