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Make sure your webpage(s) content is focused on the visitor and providing them with the information they are looking for. Include keywords in your content by focusing on your target market and the terminology they will be using to search for the product, resources, or content you offer. SEO is about pleasing both the users and the search engines.

Checklist includes:

1. Review website’s navigation and structure.
2. Review and improve page content.
3. Create page title tags.
4. Create meta descriptions.
5. Include image alt attributes.

6. Develop an external link building strategy.
7. Set up Google Webmaster Tools.
8. Check your Robots.txt file.
9. Submit an XML sitemap to search engines.
10. Set up an interact on social media accounts.

11. Set up Google Authorship.
12: Text website speed.
13. Make sure website is optimized for mobile.
14. Set up Google Analytics.

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