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Keyword Content is Imperative to the Success of Your Business

August 20, 2020 by in category Content, Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, Web Design tagged as
Keyword Content For Your Business

Building a digital footprint has become a necessity today Digital marketing is all that the world is raving about today. From Search Engine Optimization – SEO to Pay Per Click – PPC campaigns, and from e-mail marketing to Facebook ads, marketing is all about digitized campaigns. Whether it’s a brick-and-mortar retailer or a digital service [...]

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5 Reasons Why Blogging is so Important on Your Website

July 19, 2020 by in category Content, Digital Marketing, Web Design tagged as , ,
5 Reasons Why Blogging is Important on Your Website

Engage your readers, grow your online traffic and boost your companies website traffic when you blog. Most companies are well aware of the fact that an online presence is necessary if they want to expand in anyway – or even to simply stay afloat. If you don’t have a basic website up, then you’re already [...]

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Data Quality Is Critical To Your Marketing Success

July 17, 2020 by in category Business, Digital Marketing tagged as ,

Good data makes successful marketing initiative As a data minded, marketing professional I’ve come across a very important marketing principle in my travels across the B2B and B2C marketing universe. That principle is the proper tagging and segmentation of marketing data. Every successful marketer knows that good data makes successful marketing initiative. The three key [...]

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How Often Should You Update Your Website Content?

May 14, 2020 by in category Content, Web Design tagged as ,
How Often Should You Update Your Website Content?

Benefits of Freshening Your Content The answer to the question is one to three times per week. We can narrow that down further once we describe why it’s important to constantly update your website. New content on your website accomplishes many good things, including: SEO Search engines are pretty smart. They like long articles with [...]

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5 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Isn’t Driving Results

May 2, 2020 by in category Content, Digital Marketing tagged as
5 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Isnt Driving Results

Content marketing, if used wisely, can be extremely beneficial to your digital marketing strategy. With the Content Marketing Institute reporting that 92% of marketers view content as a business asset, it can be competitive. However, just because almost everyone in the industry is doing it, doesn’t mean that you should sit back and let your [...]

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