What is a Website Design Strategy?

What is a Website Design Strategy
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What is a Website Design Strategy?

A website design strategy revolves around your company’s goals and objectives

Creating a website is relatively easy, but creating a functional website that can actually help you in terms of generating sales and revenue is a different story.

Effective website design is not just about art and aesthetics. It encompasses several elements—including copywriting, layout, icons, colors, navigation, SEO, and inbound marketing—which all come together to create a website that will drive sales for your business. And the key to making it all work is strategy.

A website design strategy is critical to helping you create a website that is not only functional, but also allows you to accomplish your business goals and objectives. When you begin a web design project, the first thing you need to establish is what those goals are—what are you trying to accomplish?

Your website is an interface that must serve a purpose, whether that’s providing information, providing a service, growing the number of sign ups, increasing user participation, or selling products and services.

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A strategic design will convey your brand properly

A website is an extension of your company’s brand, so it’s important that it matches what you believe is the feel and look of that brand. When you plan your design strategically, you will have time to think about the design aspects that can strengthen—or destroy—your brand. When you customize your site, you create a unique look and feel that helps with branding. Your website reflects your brand, so make an impression on your visitors with a proper, unique design that works for your company.

Web design is part of your marketing strategy

A website cannot stand by itself. It must be integrated into your business’s larger marketing approach. This includes thinking about social media, pay-per-click ads, search engine optimization, and calls to action simultaneously as you think about your website design. Strategically placing all these approaches into one cohesive, functional website will allow you to increase your sales, strengthen your web presence, convert your visitors into leads, and ultimately enhance your revenue.

A website design strategy allows you to measure your success

You have decided what your goals are—what you want to accomplish with your website. So it’s now time to measure your accomplishments. Your well-designed and practical website will come with metrics and analytics so you can see how the site has been working for you since it’s been created. You can check your RSS stats to see if you have any new subscribers, or check to see if you have more comments on your blog than usual to see if user involvement has increased. When you have a way of checking if you are accomplishing your key objectives, you can utilize this data to see if you are headed in the right direction, or if you need any design changes to optimize your site to the fullest. Learn how to setup your goals in Google Analytics.

Think strategically

Website design isn’t all about fancy fonts and matching colors. Beauty should be mixed with functionality and usability. A website is ultimately a marketing tool. When you think strategically about your design—your brand, your audience, and your goals—you can let your website work for you, and fulfil the objectives and purpose that you have set out to reach when you started the web design project.

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