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    Customer Centric Processes for an Awesome UX

    October 17, 2020 by in category Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, User Experience, Web Design tagged as , , ,

    Do you want to increase your website traffic and customers by 20%, 30% or more? All processes within a company have the potential to impact customer experience. However far removed from the customer you perceive a process to be, there is a snowball effect for employees’ (and suppliers’ and partners’) behaviors that can eventually permeate [...]

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    Measuring Your Website Return of Investment (ROI)

    June 20, 2020 by in category Business, Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, Web Design tagged as ,

    Return on Website Investment When it comes to marketing for catering companies and small businesses, there are many commonalities across the board. Over the years, we’ve found that these have been your marketing goals (as they frequently have been our marketing goals for you, too): Increase in brand awareness Growth in brand engagement/interaction Increase in [...]

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    How to Determine B2B Website Objectives

    February 12, 2020 by in category Business, Digital Marketing, Web Design tagged as ,
    How to Determine B2B Website Objectives

    Tips from our years of experience working on B2B website design. The most successful business initiatives are founded on careful, strategic planning. The same holds true for effective B2B websites. While the “fun” part of a website is often the design itself, it’s critical to have a strong foundation to create a website that not [...]

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    Top 8 Elements of an Effective B2B Website Design

    August 10, 2019 by in category Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Web Design tagged as ,
    Top 8 Elements of an Effective B2B Website Design

    Designing a B2B website for success While B2B sales are typically complicated, your website shouldn’t be (at least not to your user). Below are eight essential things every B2B website design must have: 1. Clear Navigation Your website’s navigation is not the time to get creative with copy or design. The navigation is a utilitarian [...]

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    Business Websites Still Matter For New and Returning Customers

    April 19, 2018 by in category Web Design tagged as ,
    Business Websites Still Matter For New & Returning Customers

    News, blog posts, images, videos, etc. It all comes down to content that’s most likely on a website. Business websites still matter whether for new or returning customers. Even in the world of apps, people using those apps still end up on websites most of the time. Think about it. What kind of content are [...]

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