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Content Optimization Hacks

Content Optimization
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Content Optimization Hacks

What is content optimization?

If you ask Google what is good content – you’ll get a very simple answer: original content that resonates with your audience’s needs.

In other words – optimized content.
But when you ask what content optimization really is, you’ll get the same answer from almost everybody. And it’s all about SEO!

Other than technical SEO, content optimization is also about making sure that your existing content:

  • Covers relevant and trending questions from your audience,
  • Is aligned with your strategic goals,
  • Has a clear purpose.

Top #5 Content Optimization Hacks

1. Dig into your data

Do not do anything on your hunch!

We’re capturing so much valuable data that will help you make a data-driven decision. So why on Earth would you make this type of decision based on your intuition?

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2. Create topic cluster

Categorizing your existing articles into topic clusters is a must-do optimization hack. Here’s why:

You’ll immediately get a clear picture that will help you map out the interlinking possibilities and narrow down your keyword research.

3. Interlinking

Now that you have your topic clusters – interlink articles in them. Unlike creative writing, business blogging has a very clear purpose – it needs to support your strategic and overall objectives.

Depending on them, each article will have its objective:

  • Promoting a new lead magnet or a special offer.
  • Lowering bounce rate.
  • Promoting a corner-stone article packed with relevant keywords, etc.

This is why each article should lead to one or more relevant pieces. You can think of it as a spider web.

4. Question Research

Remember how I told you content optimization is more than just SEO? This is how you add that extra layer.

If your primary keyword is still trending, use it to find questions your audience is asking.

You can do a “question” research by running one of your keywords through an AI program, like:

  • Answer the public
  • MarketMuse
  • Ubersuggest

or type a search term directly in Google and check the “People also ask for” part.

This simple research will tell you exactly what your audience is wondering about. Then it’s all up to you to provide them with the best possible answer.

5. Optimize Visuals

Fresh design?


Maybe your brand wants to change the tone (the tone does not relate solely to communication with words, but also visual communication), maybe the design is outdated. Test it and see what resonates better with your audience.

But, there’s another thing you absolutely have to do. It’s a basic SEO tactic.

Actually – it’s so basic that people tend to forget about it.

Make sure your visuals have alt-tags (and proper titles obviously). Alt-tags are often overlooked but they can really influence the flow of traffic.

Just keep in mind that writing alt-tags on your IG images and pins on Pinterest really change the game. And they change it also on your website. So make sure you include them.

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