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Google Analytics

Hire ThePixel to implement & start your website performance reporting

Evaluating Your Website

We can help implement Google Analytics into your website & create customized reports to help you make important strategic online marketing decisions

Your site looks great, and is full helpful content, but it’s not getting any traffic. How can you find out what’s going on?

With Google Analytics, you can pull back the proverbial curtain and see exactly what’s going on with your website traffic, and learn what changes need to be made.

Google Analytics is a powerful, free tool that installs quickly and easily on any website. It can be used to create custom reports and conversion paths and to analyze user website behavior so that decisions can be made concerning how to increase conversion.

Easily track statistics such as:

  • The number of people who have viewed your website
  • The amount of time users spend on your website
  • The average number of pages viewed
  • Which sub-sections on your site get the most page views
  • Technical information, such as the browsers being used and whether users are viewing your site on a computer or a mobile device
  • Where users reside
  • How they come to your site, such as the search terms used in Google and other search engines or from another website
  • Bounce rate and conversion rate

Google Analytics reports can help support important action steps for your companies website. If your website is getting significant traffic from search terms, you may want to try using the terms more frequently in your content to boost your organic search performance for those terms. If it turns out that potential clients are most visiting your website after business hours, you can adjust your PPC campaigns to only display ads during those hours. If your bounce rate is high, it may be worth considering a complete site redesign and refocus.

Here are several other reasons your website is experiencing high bounce rates. High bounce rates are a percentage of users who leave your website after viewing only one webpage. Having a high bounce rate can dramatically impact your overall website and your online traffic.

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