4 Reasons You’re Not Getting Enough Website Traffic

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Are you not getting enough traffic to your website? Here are 4 reasons why!

Your website has all the bells and whistles and you’ve even made an investment in online advertising, so why are you attracting the wrong kind of traffic, or worse: no traffic at all?

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1. Lure User(s) with Web Content (images, text, videos, etc)

Give users a reason to keep coming back to your site with fresh, original and value driven content. Think about your customers’ needs and create a content strategy that speaks to those needs.

Having a rarely updated blog will not have visitors banging down your proverbial website door.

Consider this:
There’s a knack to creating website copy that sings. So if you’re about to write (or in some cases re-write) your website copy, check out our top 3 tips to nailing your copy.


2. Be found

Competing for one of ten search results on the first page of Google search is the ultimate goal for any website. To be eligible for these top spots your content (and keywords) need to originate from a trusted source with social proof and meet the specified search term ranking criteria.

Consider this:
By being active on social media, this will drive traffic to your website. Search engines like Google use social media networks to give authority to websites.

3. Super Charge The User Experience

If your website has a lag time, visitors will click off your site and find a quicker, more fluid website that meets their needs. So even if your site’s fresh and unique content appears in the top 10 search results, its load time will deter users.

Consider this:
Social consumers move fast with users more likely to exit a website if the site doesn’t load in the first 4-5 seconds.

4. Be Mobile friendly

Websites NEED to be responsive across multiple devices. Consumers expect that your site will be mobile friendly and unless you are using a desktop computer or laptop for work it is likely the majority of your internet browsing in happening on your mobile.

Consider this:
Google now uses ‘mobile friendliness’ as a rank indicator. So, it’s absolutely critical that your business is not only online, but mobile friendly.

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There you have it! You might have the fanciest, most interesting website out there but if you are forgetting to refresh your content regularly, engage your online audience and fight for the most competitive keywords, your website will be lost in the masses of the World Wide Web.

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