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Ultimate Website Checklist

Design, Development, Test and Launch

Website Breakdown and What to Expect

We’ve identified five stages that every website design and redesign go through.

Chapter 1

The conversation about redesigning a company website usually begins when someone points out that traffic is down, conversions are weak, or just that the design looks outdated. You aren’t attracting customers, prospects, students, donors, or whichever constituencies you need to be successful, and your team agrees it’s time for a change.

Chapter 2

A good portion of your website redesign project is just ensuring you have the right tools, resources, and people in place to get the job done. Think of it as project mise-en-place: you’re preparing and arranging all the ingredients to make the cooking process smooth and pleasant, and ensure delicious results.

Chapter 3

With planning and preparation complete, you can kick off the hands-on parts of the project. The initial stages are often the most difficult and delicate because they require stakeholders to review and comment on something that doesn’t exist yet. It also involves designers explaining to non-designers how something might be built and could look while keeping the client from focusing on something that is temporary and far from the finished product.

Chapter 4

Once the design, development, and content migration are completed, there is still a lot of work to be done before your website can go live. From testing, to search engine optimization, these less glamorous & strictly behind-the-scenes tasks are nonetheless critical to a successful website launch.

Chapter 5

You’ve heard the truism that a website is a fluid, “living” entity that is constantly evolving. With anything that is prone to frequent change, completing any quality assurance is a moving target. While this can seem discouraging, making it feel like the project is never truly complete, it also means that whatever is not working or meeting expectations can be addressed and changed. Barring any major limitations in your content management system, lack of in-house skills, or your design agency relocating to another planet, any issue can be fixed.

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