Website Audit Checklist

Website Audit Report

When was the last time you took an in depth look at your website to see how well it is performing?

Improve your websites performance

Measure, evaluate and analyze your website with our free audit checklist

It’s important to be honest with your websites audit. At the end if your audit add each section for a total score. You’ll take your total and grade your results 0-30, 31-48 or 49-60 points. Your final score will include a description on how to improve your website performance, search engine results and digital marketing.

Website Audit based on 3 essential components:

  1. Design: Is your site cosmetics top-notch?
  2. Content: Is your content attracting potential leads?
  3. Navigation: Does your site do what it’s suppose to do?

Analyze and Score Your Website

Website Audit Sample Questions

Is your text easy to read? Prominent logo, good text-to-background contrast, font, size, space?

a) My site has all 5 of these features (4)
b) My site has 3-4 of those features (1)
c) My site has 0-2 of these features (0)

Do you feature engaging photos on images that flow with your content?

a) Yes, our site is filled with the prefect amount of images (4)
b) A few, but we could use more (1)
c) No, we pretty much only have text (0)

Is your web content carefully optimized for keywords to help you get found online?

a) Yes, we love using keywords in our content strategy (4)
b) We’ve implemented a few words unique to our company and industry (1)
c) We don’t really think about keywords (0)

Do you have a community of followers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or social media networks?

a) Yes, we have plenty of followers, likes and connections (4)
b) We try to interact, but few people respond or comment (1)
c) No, don’t use social media (0)

Use Google Site Speed Analyzer to determine your site’s loading times? Do your page load quickly?

a) Yes, our website is increasingly popular (4)
b) Yes, there is some increase (1)
c) I’m not sure how to check that (0)

Do you provide eBooks, whitepapers or other content to capture lead data?

a) Yes, we provide valuable content in exchange for visitor data (4)
b) We offer a couple pieces of content to capture data (1)
c) We don’t offer any content to a capture data (0)

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Grade Your Website

Website Scoring

0-30 Points

Looks like you have a weak web presence. You do have a website, which is a great first step, but it isn’t helping increase profit and enhance your ROI. Nowadays, people are turning to the internet first to find solutions to their problems. Your website has several jobs in this process. First, it needs to be able to be found. Second, it needs to have content that will convince the visitor that your company can solve their problem. All the while it needs to be reliable, functioning well, and easy to navigate. Maybe you’re not an internet scientist, but you don’t have to be. Analysis is one of the great friends to you on the Web. Use Google Analytics (a FREE tool) to monitor performance, identify trends, and learn more about your website. Try Google Analytics, cater your content to your audience, and look for deficiencies in your site’s layout, set up, or navigation. Then take this self-assessment again and see that improvement!

31-48 Points

You have a web presence, but you’re not using it to it’s fullest potential. Your website should be the center of your marketing campaign. If it’s not up to par, your marketing campaign is going to suffer. Not to worry though, identifying the problem is half of the battle. In addition to making sure your website is clean and easy to navigate, you will want to implement an inbound marketing strategy to go hand-in-hand with your website. You should think about adding and improving social media, adding or enhancing your blogging strategy, and monitoring your site’s performance on search engines as ways to improve your website and overall web presence. Don’t forget, quality content is king. You’re almost there! There many be some back-end work that needs to be done to improve the functionality of your site as well, but you’re on your way!

49 – 60 Points

Congratulations! You’re really mastering the whole website thing! There’s always room to improve though. You most likely already have a blog, but be sure to continue to add to it, ideally at least once a week. New, engaging, and relevant content will assuredly get your visitors talking and sharing it, driving more visitors to your site. Your website runs well and the look and feel are great too. Take a look at the inbound links your website has. Try to add more, and get your site out there for people to find. Similarly, look at the current SEO performance. Develop or reevaluate your keyword strategy so that your site ranks highly for relevant keywords and search inquiries. Of course, continue to monitor your site’s performance. Most importantly, don’t slack off while you’re ahead!