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    Website Conversion

    We build websites focusing on connecting & engaging with prospective clients/customers

    Websites Focused on Conversion

    A conversion occurs when the website visitor takes a specified action, such as completing and submitting a contact form or calling the business/company.

    When searching on the Internet for an attorney, doctor, contractor, realtor, and even government websites prospective clients often start at Google.  After entering a search term, they typically click on website links displayed on the top search results page(s).  Anything past page 3 of Google almost never gets clicks.

    Ideally for a law firm, after a prospective client arrives on their website, a “conversion” will take place.  A conversion occurs when the website visitor takes a specified action, such as completing and submitting a contact form or calling the business/company.  Whether a conversion takes place is often a function of whether the companies website resonates with a user within the first seconds after arriving at the website.

    Understanding Website Conversion & Bounce Rate

    When looking for a product or service on the Internet, website visitors tend to get a strong resonation (positive or negative) within the first ten seconds after arriving at a website.  If the resonation is positive, they will choose to invest the time to learn more about the business or company and the services or products offered.  If the resonation is negative, they click the back button on their browser and go on to the next website on the search results list.  The act of quickly leaving a website after being on only one page is called a “bounce.”

    If your home page doesn’t resonate with potential clients or customers, they won’t take the time to read the detailed information about your business/company (or call you)

    Websites are often created with the assumption that website visitors (including prospective clients) will read most or all of the website information about the firm.  However, if nothing resonates with the website visitor/prospective client within the critical first ten seconds or so, the person will not spend the time to learn more about the firm (and will instead go back to the Google search results page).

    Healthcare Website Design

    We Build Websites Focused on Conversion

    Our websites focus on connecting with prospective clients or customers around the information and messages they seek.  We know that it’s not detailed information about the business that they care the most about, it’s how the business is going to help them with their needs.

    If the bounce rate of your company’s website is high and website visitors are not becoming clients, call us 563.543.6433 or email – we can help.

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