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Critical Roles of Social Media Marketing

February 20, 2018 by in category Social Media Marketing tagged as ,

The 4 Critical Roles of Social Media in Demand Generation Marketing Social media still matters as a discovery tool for B2B decision-makers, so it should certainly matter to demand marketers. Research by CMI and SmartBrief found that social media is a huge part of both how B2B buyers engage with brands, and how marketing organizations [...]

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How To Measure Social Media ROI For Your Business

February 11, 2018 by in category Social Media Marketing tagged as

Measure Social Media ROI For Your Business Social media now holds a place alongside print and broadcast as a major, essential marketing channel for businesses. As such, social media now should be held to the same standard as those channels: your social media ROI needs to contribute to your bottom line. To prove that your [...]

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5 Best Practices for Social Media Marketing

February 10, 2018 by in category Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing tagged as ,
Social Media Marketing Best Practices

Find your business voice on social media Think for a moment; can you ignore social media in today’s marketing? Of course not. Nobody can afford to lose a borderless market that is bigger than China and India combined. Companies are enthusiastically investing resources in social media marketing. In fact, social media is no more about [...]

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Measure Social Media Success

February 9, 2018 by in category Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing tagged as
Measuring Your Social Media Success

Social media is a direct pipeline to your audience with low marketing cost overhead. Social media has grown over the years into a medium that combines technology and social interaction to give marketers a voice to connect with peers and potential consumers. Social media also personalizes your brand and spreads your message in a more [...]

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Best Social Media Marketing Channels

February 1, 2018 by in category Social Media Marketing tagged as ,

3 Questions To Ask To Identify The Best Social Media Channels for Your Digital Marketing Strategy Social media is increasingly seen as the digital marketing strategy of choice for small and large businesses, alike. According to the 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 92 percent of marketers believe social media is important to their business. [...]

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