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Site Optimization vs. Traffic Optimization

October 10, 2017 by in category Search Engine Optimization tagged as ,

Site Optimization vs. Traffic Optimization Just a few years ago, internet marketing was focused on how to get more traffic to your website. If you had a conversion rate of 2% and 10,000 visitors a month, you’d end up with 200 conversions. But, if you doubled that traffic, you’d end up with 400 conversions. The [...]

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5 Quick Ways To Actively Increase Your Website Traffic

October 10, 2017 by in category Web Design

Grow your website traffic from 30 visits to 300 per day One of the things I get asked about a lot is, "how can I increase traffic to my website?" My responsive is simple, "Work on your website content." Your website design and functionality is critical but without content search engines, website visitors, bots and [...]

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10 Ways to Put Your Facebook Page to Work

October 9, 2017 by in category Social Media Marketing tagged as ,

Getting the most from your Facebook Page Whether your company has had a neglected Facebook page for years, or you’re just now setting one up, getting to grips with Facebook marketing is a must. Despite launching over 10 years ago, Facebook shows no signs of slowing. It’s currently the largest social media app with over [...]

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A Closer Look at Website Psychographics

October 9, 2017 by in category Web Design tagged as

Encourage more website engagement & drive more business Once you gain a deeper understanding of exactly what it is that your website visitors are looking for, you’ll be able to tailor your site more precisely to encourage more website engagement and drive more business. According to Wikipedia, psychographics is “…the study of personality, values, opinions, [...]

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Top 4 Social Media Trends We Are Tracking For 2018

October 9, 2017 by in category Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing tagged as ,

New innovation, technology and social media platforms are unveiled The hangover is still…hanging on. Our heads are still cloudy with a chance of dull aching in the forecast. Didn’t we just ring in 2017? Why are we already to toast to 2018? Because time and tide wait for no man, according to the poet Geoffrey [...]

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