Website Migration Service

Website Migration Service

Website Migration from a Current Provider

Website Migration Solutions

Migrating your website from one host to another host

ThePixel will migrate all your websites including all email, databases, websites, applications, and anything inside your current websites. We will backup and migrate up to 10 accounts at no charge. A fee of $35.00 per additional website account migration may apply above this limit. We only transfer websites currently hosted on a live web server with cPanel, DirectAdmin or Plesk and are to be migrated using with the same control panel.

Our website migration services are here to serve your business and let your website scale the way you want it to. We are specialists in WordPress and we champion the migration to our choice of content management system (CMS) simply because it’s the best system for any business. Migrate to us knowing your website is secure. If you are coming from a website with zero security features – we can add security with SSL certificates and also add preventative measures to your migrated site.

If you are unsure what web hosting you have currently but want to migrate to ThePixel, please Contact Us to receive a no obligation FREE analysis for migrating your website(s).

How soon can I migrate my website?
Submit a migration request below and can usually schedule migrations within 24-48 hours from the time you purchase a hosting package. We also offer emergency migrations that can be completed within 48 hours at a slightly higher rate.
Is there downtime during the migration?
Our migration process ensures minimal downtime of your site to keep you and your clients happy. When you make the move, we aim to limit the disruption to your work and take the hassle away. We can liaise with your previous IT/hosting provider and get everything sorted for you.
First 30 days of service
Website migrations are limited to the first 30 days of service, after that hourly fees may apply. Additionally, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our products and service or your money back. If for any reason you are unsatisfied or we can’t meet your expectations, simply let us know and we’ll provide you with a full through our 30 day money back guarantee policy.
10 FREE website transfers
Only apply to one account - meaning if you are consolidating multiple servers into one, additional costs may apply.
Website migrations over 2 hours
Are limited to a maximum of 2 hours by ThePixel staff, and is typically more than sufficient. However for complex situations, or cases where your old server may not be up to date, secure, or otherwise non-performing or compatible additional time may be required. In such cases our team will contact you promptly to let you know an estimate of any costs, if any beyond the 'Free' migration service.

Fast and Easy Website Transfer

Website Migration Includes:

Simple, Powerful Dashboard

Harness the power and simplicity of our easy‑to‑use cPanel control panel and use our ThePixel Dashboard to manage all your services.

WordPress Ready Hosting

Install over 400+ apps for free with 1-click including WordPress, Joomla!, and other essential small business tools. ee with all plans.

Winning Migration Process

Once we've crossed our T's and dotted the I's, we begin the migration using the same winning process we've used for many clients time-after-time to ensure smooth sailing post-migration.

24/7 Online Support

Need help? Our professional and reliable support team is ready to assist with any of your requests! Available 24/7 around the clock we’ll make sure you’re taken care of.

Website Uptime

If you choose to use our server to host your website, you can rest assured we have everything monitored and secured to keep your website up and running.

Service Questions

Website Migration FAQ’s

What is Website Migration?
Migrating your website includes moving your website from one host to another host and may even entail moving it to a new domain. The first step is to find a new host to migrate to or new domain to migrate to. We can give recommendations for new hosts based on your needs or if you have already done the research we can work with that too. We’ll make sure that you won’t end up where you started. We’ll hear your problems out and help you choose an appropriate hosting service that won’t give you any trouble. Well handle everything from file transfer to DNS configurations. All you have to do is sit back and relax. We’ll be able to get the website up and running on your new host within a day or two.
What's included with website migration?
Moving all website HTML files and images Moving all website media files Moving any website scripts or applications and testing to make sure they continue to work without problems Moving any MySQL databases Replicating your e-mail configuration
Will there be any downtime to my website?
We have done thousands of migrations and have developed a system that allows us to migrate websites with virtually no downtime. There is sometimes and hour or 2 of downtime if DNS propagation is slow but we specialize in migrating websites as quickly as possible with the least amount of downtime possible.
Will you help configure email on my new host?
Yes, we will set up your emails on the new host with email migration. We can copy emails from your former email account to your new email account on the new host you’re using. You can choose to migrate both from external accounts, like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo. Both emails and folders can be migrated. The emails are placed in a folder with the name of the account you are migrating from.
Will I be able to send and receive emails while my site is being migrated?
If you are using a third party application for your emails like Google Mail, there will be no interruption. But if you are using emails on your hosting box located in your hosting provider, there will be a short downtime while the site is being migrated. You don’t need to worry, however, because you will still receive those emails once the migration is complete so you won’t lose any of your emails.
What warranty do I have with the website migration?
Free migration services are only offered for "as-is" transfers of website content and data.
What is not included with the website migration?
There can be no updates to the website configuration (including website content, layout, navigation, etc.). The move is an exact replica of your website files from your previous web host. The exception is database connection details which may change. Copying an existing website to a brand new domain name or changing the URL of an existing website is not included with this service.
What is I upgrade my plan?
Accounts that are being upgraded that require a complete server change will get free migration service.
Are there any sites that ThePixel simply cannot move?
Unfortunately, some websites cannot be moved, even by our experienced Migration team. This is due to the technical limitations of your existing web host or we simply cannot support some of the features or transfer your existing solution. Here is our current list of web hosts/website builders that we cannot transfer: VistaPrint Intuit Wix Weebly Website Tonight Squarespace Jimdo Google Sites Microsoft Office Live Small Business / Microsoft 365 ThePixel also currently does not support Windows-based shared web hosting. SPECIAL NOTE: We also require access to your website files. If your or website builder will not provide us access (typically by FTP) then we cannot move your website files, databases or email accounts. Without access, we cannot copy or transfer your information.
How do I set up my email with ThePixel when transferring?
If you are moving from another cPanel web host, our website migration experts will use your existing email settings and accounts to set up in your ThePixel account. If your previous host does not utilize cPanel, then you will need to create the new email accounts in your new ThePixel cPanel control panel. It is recommended that you set up the new email accounts as soon as you can log in to your ThePixel account. Important Note: Be sure that all your existing email accounts are created in ThePixel prior to changing your nameservers or DNS of your domain name; failure to do so may result in lost, "bounced", or unreceived emails.

    Website Migration Request

    To inquire about our free migration services please fill out the form and one of our experts will contact you to get started.