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Go Simply Green

Custom website design for lawn care and landscaping services

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Project Overview

We delivered! A horrible website design built in old HTML created an scalable website used for years to come. If your website was made in the late 90’s, doesn’t load on a customer’s iPhone, and constantly crashes, then people will connect the poor quality of your site with the quality of your business.

Everywhere people come in contact with your brand, that experience becomes an extension of your company. If that experience is positive, people think of your business with positive feelings. And if those experiences are negative, well, your business suffers.

Data-Driven Results
We created data-driven web pages designed with SEO best practices to boost online traffic, increase google ranking, funnel users and convert leads. We built a data-driven website design and implemented the best SEO practice's to boost website ranking. We used keywords for specific audience types expanding your marketing and customer reach.
3rd Party WordPress Plugin Implementation
At the customers requested we integrated a 3rd party plugin called 'Lawn Bot'. With Lawn Bot being such a small company some troubleshooting went into the plugin and we were able to resolve the issue without help from the company.
You need to convince them to take action quickly – and adding a ‘Request a Estimate' button in several locations on the webpage will help catch your visitors attention before they leave. If your goal is to secure a quote request or lawn care consultation call ThePixel for your website redesign.
Fast, Optimized, Mobile-Friendly Website
The design was optimized for fluid processing, reducing page loading time and page size. Thus, allowing for faster loading times and a 100% page speed score. And, fewer people leaving the website – meaning more conversions and a better overall user experience.
Iowa Lawn Care Website Redesign

Problem Solving Mindset

Challenges are just opportunities in disguise

Organizing a lot of Content

Custom WordPress themed websites are highly customizable and can be upgraded to adjust to internet changes and regulations. This means they’re a great choice for anyone who wants to keep and maintain a functional and effective website.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Before this client came to ThePixel despite their success, Still had a big problem: their website wasn’t serving them the way they wanted it to. They were starting at zero, with no previous digital marketing experience and next to no significant SEO rankings to speak of.

*** Full website backup was provided to the client. We’re not associated with this client. Any updates or slow server speeds are not a reflection of ThePixel’s services. We only created a custom website design and provided tutorials to edit their website. We DO NOT manage customers website. ***


This lawn care client invested in their website at ThePixel. We handcrafted a lead generating machine with a perfect user experience to attract a verify of new clients with health needs.