NutriSport & Smoothie Marion

NutriSport & Smoothie Marion, Iowa

Locally-owned supplement, nutrition and smoothie café

Health & Nutrition

Project Overview

In 2023 we launched the first website for NutriSport & Smoothie in Marion, Iowa. The NutriSport name is a locally-owned supplement, nutrition and smoothie café that also serves breakfast, rice bowls, salads and wraps. Locally owned for over 10+ years.

Online Ordering on Mobile device
90% of online orders are from a mobile device so we optimized the website, reducing page loading time and page size. Thus, allowing for faster loading times and a 100% page speed score. And, fewer people leaving the website – meaning more online sales and revenue.
WordPress Theme
We developed a unique homepage slider showcasing their food, smoothies and supplement brands using stunning photography. The menus on interior webpages for smoothies, wraps, breakfast and bowls were designed to include ingredients with proteins, carbs and calories.
Google Page Ranking
We developed a strategy focused on local geo-location specific keywords. NutriSport & Smoothie had top rankings in under 2 months beating their local competitors. Our webpages are developed with SEO best practices to boost online traffic, increase google ranking, funnel users and convert sales.
Optimized for Speed
Our digital creative team started with mobile, knowing most online orders will happen from a mobile device. We determined the essential pages needed for a great mobile experience.
NutriSport & Smoothie

Problem Solving Mindset

Challenges are just opportunities in disguise

Digital Marketing Strategy

NutriSport & Smoothie was starting at zero, with no previous website or digital marketing experience and no significant SEO rankings to speak of.

Organizing a lot of Content

Custom WordPress themed websites are highly customizable and can be upgraded to adjust to internet changes and regulations. This means they’re a great choice for anyone who wants to keep and maintain a functional and effective website.


NutriSport & Smoothie Marion, Iowa invested and trusted ThePixel to create a website that stands out from competitors. We handcrafted an online ordering website using Doordash point of sale.