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Timberlyn Lighting, Inc

Timberlyn Lighting, Inc

Solar, Lighting Solutions for Retail, Commercial and Industrial

Lighting and Solar Services

Project Overview

Solar Lighting company Timberlyn Lighting needed a new website design that communicates its solar energy services and commercial lighting solutions. We expanded the company’s portfolio in solar and commercial lighting.

Professional, Enterprise-Level Brand
Given the company’s smart, educated audience, the new website design needed to communicate an air of authority and knowledge in addition to being approachable and trustworthy. The website’s content is directed by a voice and style guideline that defines Timberlyn's as pragmatic, agile, results-oriented, innovative and fearless.
Faster Website = Better Experience
The design was optimized for fluid processing, reducing page loading time and page size. Thus, allowing for faster loading times and a 100% page speed score. And, fewer people leaving the website – meaning more conversions and a better overall user experience.
Increase Google Page Ranking
We created an SEO strategy focused on their unique market and target audience. By searching and using their local as well as national keywords Timberlyn can attract clients anywhere in the United States.
Data-Driven Results
We created data-driven web pages designed with SEO best practices to boost online traffic, increase google ranking, funnel users and convert leads.
Timberlyn Lighting - Website Design

Problem Solving Mindset

Challenges are just opportunities in disguise

Robust website with no design experience required

The site’s pages use modular visual elements, which makes it easier for site admins to style pages on their own much faster, and without the need for unique design templates. To meet Timberlyn’s requirements to create and launch the new website quickly, we embraced a minimum viable product (MVP) methodology to build it. Close collaboration between Timberlyn and ThePixel kept everyone aligned and moving ahead during this project.

Increase website traffic and boost online presence

We created a robust SEO strategy around branded solar energy and commercial lighting terms to attract more businesses and potential solar customers to the site, and differentiate the company from competitors. For instance, developing and optimizing new content for search terms such as “solar energy incentives” or “how-to get started with solar” will help Timberlyn Lighting drive potential partners to the site.


Timberlyn Lighting invested in their website at ThePixel. We handcrafted a lead generating machine with a perfect user experience showing their solar and commercial lighting services.