eCommerce Shopping Cart

eCommerce Shopping Cart

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Did you know a properly built eCommerce website can actually help you market your products online? We understand that an ideal eCommerce website does more than just show your products and give shoppers a way to purchase them online. We offer premium website design services for eCommerce online store websites. Our sites are designed to attract new customers, deliver a satisfying shopping experience, and streamline the behind-the-scenes management of your online store. Our website management supports your online store allowing you to focus on your day-to-day business and customer service.

Our easy to use eCommerce platform is an elegant foundation for your eCommerce website design strategy. Websites powered by ThePixel media’s proven eCommerce infrastructure offer a shorter time to launch, and our eCommerce dedicated website design drives higher organic search results (SEO), greater conversion rates, and top performance. And our systems are flexible, fully-scalable — so you’ll never outgrow your eCommerce website.

eCommerce functionality to your current website, or you’re ready to (re)design a full online store, our internet marketing team is ready to go to work for you. We recommend PayPal as your Payment Gateway option. This will reduce your overhead cost for an SSL while leaving the Credit Card security to the online payment experts. Schedule a consultation to learn more about how we can increase your ROI and make your eCommerce store easy to manage.

All-In-One Solution
We provides an all-in-one solution to sell physical and digital products, services, donations, memberships, subscriptions and more. You can use a shopping cart, or bypass the shopping cart giving your customers a super-fast, “buy now” checkout experience. You can take one-time payments as well as recurring payments. You even can provide access to premium content or discounted products behind a pay-wall.

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Memberships, Subscriptions, Ticket Selling, and More

We design pages that align with all of your marketing campaigns, creating a streamlined, coherent experience for site visitors. We focus on creating pages that clearly communicate benefits to readers, contact forms that are easy to complete, and call-to-action buttons that command attention.

Shipping Features and Solutions

Shipping features include native integration of services, like USPS, FedEx, and UPS. To better understand your products and their selling point, native integration of Google Analytics will allow you to track your sales and no-sales.

Localization Options

Configure each language individually to allocate currency, tax options, payment gateways for individual countries, and the default language to use for a particular country accessing the website.

Payment Gateways

Different payment gateways and shipping methods that make it easy for your customers to order products safely online. It automatically sends invoices to your customers which include shipping, tax, and handling fees.

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Essential components of website success: Design, Content & Navigation. Download our FREE website audit checklist and score your website.

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