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Thrive Care CR

Thrive Care CR

Advanced non-surgical soft tissue diagnosis and treatment.

Chiropractor Services

Project Overview

Thrive Care CR is one of the top pain relief providers in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area. The three main challenges were that the existing website old content, was slow to load, and needed a fresh design for the future.

Launch New Website
In Spring of 2019, we launched a new website for Thrive Care giving the audience never before seen videos, mega menu, F.A.Q’s and more. The mega menu has an integrated contact form for patients to schedule an appointment in one-click.
Increase Google Page Ranking
We created an SEO strategy focused on their unique market and target audience. By searching and using their local as well as national keywords Thrive Care can attract clients anywhere in the United States.
Increase website traffic and boost online presence
Increasing your website traffic starts with an optimized website. Everything from the images to headers factors into your Google page ranking. Thrive Care was insure to get indexed and start increasing their online traffic.
User Experience Website Design
Thrive Care's market and targeted audience searched on Google instead of social media platforms to find local lighting companies. We beat local competitors we focused on local keywords. To build up online presences we focused on a specific high level keywords. We have integrated applications to track and collect data.
Thrive Care - Website Design

Problem Solving Mindset

Challenges are just opportunities in disguise

Targeting Audience and Market

One of the top goals for thrive was to achieve with the new site was an increase in patients through driving more targeted traffic. Specifically, they wanted visitors searching for pain relief or neck injuries with a local marketing and lead generation strategy.

WordPress Theme with Integration

A custom design incorporates various aspects of functionality to make a website more user-friendly. Therefore, giving website visitors a reason to stay on a website and increasing the chance that they’ll convert into a client. Custom WordPress websites are highly customizable and can be upgraded to adjust to internet changes and regulations. This means they’re a great choice for anyone who wants to keep and maintain a functional and effective website.


Thrive Care invested in their website at ThePixel. We handcrafted a lead generating machine with a perfect user experience showcasing their unique muscle healing services.