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Website Analysis

Website Analysis

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Comprehensive On-Page Analysis of Your Website

All SEO packages include a free website analysis report after signup. Your website is not a brochure—it’s a 24/7 online sales representative capable of generating massive amounts of leads and new sales. However, it won’t do you any good if no one can find it online. That’s where a website analysis (or website audit, or website report—however you classify it) comes into play.

An in-depth website analysis should not only scan your website for any glaring mistakes, but should also include a thorough review of your website’s content, code, structure, and offsite authority. To give you a good perspective of where your website stands compared to the industry (and your individual competitors), the best website analyses grades your website by giving it an SEO “score.”

Search captures two critical insights: Intent and Relevance. Search knows what people are looking for, the words they use to describe it and whether your brand’s content matches that intent. The reward? Better visibility, higher traffic, conversions, and revenue. Other marketing channels attempt to interrupt with frequency or media dollars; Search wins by delivering what the customer wants.

Search is the largest marketing channel, driving 51% of all traffic. Knowing customer intent and word choice better informs the language and logic of your website, blog, display ads, emails, social, ebooks, white papers, videos, FAQs, and support resources.

What is a SEO Analysis?
A Search engine optimization analysis is the process of analyzing various aspects of a website to assess how well the site has been optimized for search engines and what can be done to help the site improve. An SEO analysis can include an overall SEO score, a site structure audit (looking at internal and external links), on-page optimization opportunities, and website accessibility opportunities. Additionally, an SEO analysis might find technical errors with your site including errors in meta information, crawling and indexing issues, and slow page speed.
What is an SEO Competitor Analysis?
An SEO competitor analysis is the practice of comparing two or more competing websites in a similar industry. This is done by analyzing the ranking keywords, backlink profile, domain rating, and organic traffic of competitor websites. A competitor analysis might also include a technical SEO performance comparison which indicates how well competitor websites communicate with search engine bots.
Why get a website SEO Analysis?
An SEO website analysis is like an SEO site checkup. It's important to have a complete perspective on how well your entire website is performing and areas where you can improve. You can use your SEO analysis report to help you develop a content and SEO strategy to improve your search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your website.
What's the difference between SEO Analysis and an SEO Checker Tool?
There are plenty of SEO tools — both free and paid. An SEO tool could serve as an on-page SEO checker, a backlink checker, or an overall website SEO checker. If you already know a lot about SEO, or are interested in learning SEO, paid SEO tools (like Ahrefs or SEMrush) are amazing resources for analyzing your SEO, performing competitor analyses, and developing your own SEO strategy. However, without a deep knowledge of SEO, you won't be able to see a complete picture of how well your site is performing simply by using SEO checkers and automated SEO site audits. They don't give you a clear path to fix the problems, and they can't help you develop strategies and tactics that will ultimately enable you to reach your SEO goals. When you work with an SEO analyst, you'll have access to all the information you would with an SEO tool, but they'll have done all the research for you, and they'll be there to help you understand the data, answer your questions, and understand what your next steps should be to improve your site's SEO performance.

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1-Time Website Analysis Report Includes

On-Page SEO

SEO optimization is important to ensure you can maximize ranking potential and drive traffic to your website from search engines. You can continue to build on your strong position through further application of SEO strategies like content generation and link building.

Page Speed

Speed no longer just affects just your conversion rate, but it also affects how high your site will rank in search engines. If you want to rank well you have to have a site that loads fast. This is especially important on mobile as mobile search results are ranked independantly.

Keyword Density

Cheap outsourced writing tends to be fairly repetitive because the writers are paid by the word with no incentive to trim the fat, and no incentive to do deep research. Google's leaked guidelines rate low-information & repetitive content poorly.

Social Signals

It is important to know how many people you are reaching via your Social Media pages. Plus social media also is beneficial for SEO, so having all your profiles connected and set up on your website is wise.

Mobile Usability

Mobile is dominating internet traffic usage, it makes sense to make sure your website is mobile friendly. Mobile-friendliness is a crucial factor in determining your online success. So it is important to ensure that your website passes the mobile friendly test.

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