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How to Use Social Media for Lead Generation

August 14, 2017 by in category Social Media Marketing tagged as , with 0 and 3
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Using Social Media for Lead Generation

Almost 60 percent of marketers who have used social media for over three years say it has boosted their sales. Marketers invest about 4-6 hours on social media weekly, and although generating leads and determining return on investment (ROI) can be challenging, there is no doubt that social media can play a valuable role in any successful marketing campaign.

Advertising and marketing activities should reflect the organizational objectives of a business. Even the best social media presence and content marketing efforts are meaningless if your website, landing pages and sales team don’t close sales. When you tailor your use of social media and content marketing to your business objectives, you’ll get maximum impact at the lowest possible price. An easy way to do this is to include useful “how-to” information in the materials you mail to customers.

Like, Pin, Link or Tweet; What's Best for Your Business?

How do you determine which social media sites will best serve your marketing needs? Before you head for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, consider whether sites like Instagram and Pinterest might also work for your business. After you’ve identified the interests of an audience at a social media site, you can target that audience by providing the information that audience is seeking.

Social Media Marketing

What about Position Marketing?

Where do your target groups hang out? Identify where your potential customers are and establish a presence there. If your target group goes to LinkedIn, participate in LinkedIn groups where people are already seeking information about what you have to offer. Get involved in Twitter chats that relate to your area of expertise. When you actively network and contribute in a group, it increases the odds of your brand getting noticed by potential clients

Master the Art of Focused Content

If you want to provide consistent and quality content for social media sites, you’ll have to maximize your content marketing time and budget. You can do this by centering all your content on a single topic such as product reviews or frequently asked questions. You could create a blog series on how to maximize leads. Keep your content clear and concise, make sure it’s relevant to the social media site where you’ll post it.

Present Yourself as an Expert

You can stand out from the crowd by presenting yourself in blogs and on social media sites as an authority in your field. If you can solve a problem for someone and demonstrate a skill set, so much the better. You could, for example, write an informative blog about how to reduce content costs without sacrificing quality. This prompts readers who want good content at a lower price to contact you.

Social Media Marketing When To Share

Be Accessible

The best content on the Internet won’t help your brand if you’re not accessible. Engage your readers and keep them in the loop. According to Heidi Cohen, B2B buyers are 70 percent sure about a purchase before they contact you, so your information must be easy to find and access. Maintain your presence on social media sites, and make it easy for people to contact you via mobile or your website. Provide an email address and a 24-hour phone number for all your social media identities.

Keep it Simple

Keep your content simple so it won’t intimidate readers. If you sound like an expert writing for other experts, you’ll lose your audience. The easier your content is to read and understand, the more it will engage readers and generate responses. When readers share opinions, it’s important that you respond to them, thank them for their input and continue the discussion to maintain engagement.

Participate in Conversations

Use social media to consult with your customers. Consumers like to relate to a brand personally, and when a brand reaches out to them, they are more likely to share their thoughts openly. Take a “how can I help you” approach instead of trying to sell them something. When you reach out to customers, they’ll perceive your brand with a greater degree of trust.

A great way to establish trust is by answering readers’ questions in an online forum. This builds your credibility, and when the person you’ve helped thanks you, ask them if there is anything more you can do. Because you’ve already established a connection based on helpfulness and trust, the person you have helped has now become a lead.

Social Media Marketing Made Easy

Save the Sales Pitch

If you want to rock social media as a marketing tool, steer clear of self-promotion. The point of social media is to engage social interaction; it’s not about advertising. Many marketers are guilty of using social media as a selling tool instead of an engagement tool. While there’s nothing wrong with talking up your own content, it’s more effective to promote engagement. After you have engagement, promote other content first before promoting your own.

Monitor the Comments

To use social media as a successful marketing tool, you’ll have to stay on top of your channels. Negative comments can get out of control before you even know what’s happening. If you address issues promptly, you can use negative comments to build your own credibility.

Social media can be a great way to generate leads, but you have to watch what you say so you won’t turn off your readers. Your conversations can be read by everyone, and people make assumptions about you and your brand based on the way you interact. Keep your engagements positive, and steer clear of anything that might be considered offensive.

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