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    ThePixel has the #1 Web Designers in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    September 27, 2018 by in category Business, Press Release, Web Design tagged as with 0 and 6
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    Choose the Best Web Designers in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    We’re very excited to announce that ThePixel has been selected as one of the top marketplace in Web Designers in Cedar Rapids, Iowa!
    UpCity has assessed agencies across the country, and have determined ThePixel to be one of the most reputable, and commendable partners providing digital marketing services for small and medium sized business.

    ThePixel is a group of thinkers, doers, organizers, and planners who are dedicated to the craft. We employ a team mentality where the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. Our environment is collaborative, open, inspiring, and designed to do one thing. Produce the best work possible.

    2018 Top Web Designers Cedar Rapids Iowa

    Aside from our client testimonials, following is a list of reasons why you should consider us as your project team:

    • Our websites will earn you money; we offer a solid return on investment because we build websites to be found & generate targeted sales leads & revenue.
    • We treat you like the professional you are, supplying you a dedicated Project Manager to take full control of your website development.
    • We are accountable, and allow you to track your website development live 24×7 on the internet.
    • We save you time and money, using ThePixel’s proprietary content management system (ThePixelCMS) allows you to make changes to your website.
    • We get you up and running quickly thanks to our experienced team and proven techniques.
    • We have our own dedicated search engine marketing department with a incredibly successful track record (most firms outsource this service).
    • We offer a dedicated customer service department with design & development capabilities, making the support of your project quick and efficient.
    • We have our own in-house art department for photography and graphics -quality imagery is critical for a successful website.
    • We don’t hand you off to a 3rd party hosting provider -we offer secure, high speed web hosting, and look after your website 24×7.
    Website Design and Development Testimonials

    Knowledge. Passion. Fused Together.

    We’ve had the honor of designing, developing, launching and maintaining Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Centerville, Cedar Falls, Waterloo, Dubuque & Iowa City, Iowa business websites since 2008. We help our clients accomplish fantastic things through online marketing, typically starting with a new website, out-of-box website solution or a website redesign project and evolving into a long term relationship built on analytics and improvement. Simply put, ThePixel covers the broad range of industry solutions along with creative & technical services to increase your business exposure online.

    At ThePixel, we’re experts at firing up brands with smart, creative, research-based communications ideas. We are a full-service agency offering brand development, creative development, web and interactive development, public relations, media services and research.

    What we do is in our name: Pixel is the design and user-experience approach that provides sound strategy and measurability. Our creativity and unique mind-set approach to complex design and development issues allows your brand to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Our team of website design and development professionals treat every client individually, we place great emphasis on your needs and are genuinely interested in the success of your business.

    How ThePixel Became a Company

    After spending nearly a decade working for an Iowa based co-op marketing company that worked with Fortune 500 corporation, Lindi Wheaton (follow on Twitter @lindiwheaton) founded and began building a self-funded online web & digital marketing agency. Using the same high level, business-first corporate logic, Lindi set out to build a one-stop shop for small to medium businesses interested in improving their business via online marketing and website needs.

    We are a proud 100% Made in America  company/brand. Our American Spirit is at the heart of everything we do. Since our founding in 2008 we’ve grown to a group of over 5 creative professionals servicing more than 50 clients in 20 states, offering professional online marketing services and industry leading software platforms to over a dozen industry segments.

    Hire ThePixel to build your next website!

    ThePixel is a full-service website design and development agency located in Cedar Rapids, IA specializes in website design, website development, content management system (CMS), social media marketing, mobile apps, managed cloud hosting, website maintenance and other online web services. Since 2008, ThePixel has worked with hundreds of businesses to design, develop and launch their ideal website.
    Hire ThePixel to build your next website! Complete our request for proposal form and receive an email with a detailed proposal outlining your next web project, cost break down, design and development process. You may also call us at 563.543.6433 to speak to a website consultant, and see how we can help take your business to the next level.
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