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Search Engine Optimization Checklist

SEO is a long term process with the best client-driven results.

SEO evolved from a singularly-focused practice aimed at boosting ranking to a unique art form that involves branding, keyword research, content creation and promotion to attract traffic to a business website.
Social Media Channels

Social Media Channels Explained

Each social media channel caters to a different type of user.

It’s important to have a clear understanding of how users communicate on each platform. To explain, the content you are tweeting on Twitter should NOT be copy and pasted into Facebook. Can you use the same content subject matter? Yes, but make sure that the content you post reflects each social channel’s style of communication.
Website Evaluation Checklist Download

Website Evaluation Checklist

Our website assessment is based on the three essential components of website success:

#1. Design: Is your site cosmetics top-notch?
#2. Content: Is your content attracting potential leads?
#3. Navigation: Does your site do what it’s suppose to do?

By honestly and thoughtfully evaluating your current website, this assessment will generate ideas for improving your results, and provide insight into best practices.

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