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    Why Choose Us?

    Website design agency, seo strategies, marketing and development

    We strategize beyond ThePixel squares

    Designing websites with flawless user experiences since 2008

    Knowledge. Passion. Fused Together.

    We know technology. You know your business. Together, we can partner to effectively leverage our technological expertise to help your information and business management needs so you can be more effective, productive and profitable.  We have worked with clients from sole-proprietorship to Fortune 100 companies. Don’t know anything about computers? No worries. Have a difficult IT environment to engage with? No problem. Our experience combined with our technological expertise is a formula for long-term success for our clients. Schedule your free consultation.

    Iowa Top Digital Marketing Agencies

    Building online solutions for all businesses since 2008

    At ThePixel we guarantee our work and guarantee results, whether you’re looking for a simple website design package or complicated website application development. Aside from our client testimonials, following is a list of reasons why you should consider us as your project team:

    ThePixel 10 Years Powering Complex Brands
    • Our websites will earn you money; we offer a solid return on investment because we build websites to be found and generate targeted sales leads & revenue.
    • We treat you like the professional you are, supplying you a dedicated Account Manager to take full control of your website development.
    • We are accountable and allow you to track your website development live 24×7 on the internet.
    • We save you time and money, using whichever CMS you prefer, but also offering the best, leading website content management system on the market (WordPress), which allows you to make changes to your website, post launch.
    • We get you up and running quickly thanks to our experienced team and proven techniques.
    • We have our own search engine marketing department with an incredibly successful track record (most firms outsource this service).
    • We offer a dedicated customer service department with design & development capabilities, making the support of your project quick and efficient.
    • We have our own in-house art department for photography and graphics -quality imagery is critical for a successful website.
    • We don’t hand you off to a 3rd party hosting provider –we offer secure, high-speed web hosting, and look after your website 24×7.

    Our Happy Clients

    We are honored to work with companies all over the world.

    We don't just develop your website...

    We provide you with a total web marketing solution, tailored to YOUR business needs. We start with an innovative, attractive and professional web design that will assist you to open new markets for your business. Our quality assurance procedures will ensure you have a web presence with maximum impact and our experienced search engine marketing consultants will increase qualified, targeted sales leads from the major search engines.

    Strong Project Management & Communication

    We strive to ensure that all projects are done right, on time, and on budget. The nature of developing solutions that work is having the flexibility to adapt and make changes along the way. Your feedback is incorporated often into a customized solution that is efficient, user-friendly, and directly targeted toward solving your business problem. We break projects down into phases so it stays in focus and on budget.

    Rapid Turnaround Times

    We are committed to deliver the solutions that our clients need, when they need them. At our first meeting, we will clearly outline what your priorities and timeframes are for the project, and then we will actually give you regular progress reports to keep you informed.  We also will be honest with you about what your best options are to see the results you require.

    Iowa Web Design Website Marketing Agency

    Web Design, Project Planning & Consulting

    Sometimes our clients know exactly what they want, but often times the process of finding out the ‘what’ is a journey in itself.

    At ThePixel we provide a broad spectrum of technology consulting capabilities to help our clients to translate their business objectives into technology projects that are actionable, achievable and results-driven.

    We bring a wealth of experience to all our projects and customer relationships. We provide collaborative technology, design and user experience consulting services for our clients. We select and utilise a project planning and project management methodology that suits the project and the client to ensure that we deliver the best possible outcome.


    Website & User Interface Design

    User-centered design approach for the delivery of all our solutions from websites to mobile apps


    ThePixel is a Web Design Company and we utilize a user-centered design approach for the delivery of all our solutions (Websites, Intranets, Software Solutions, Mobile Apps) in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

    Our design philosophy revolves around what the intended users need or what their limitations are. At all stages of the design process and solution development we’re talking directly to the users, focusing on what they want, to make sure that we will deliver upon their requirements. Our solutions are optimized for the users and we’re constantly thinking on how they are going to use a website or software product instead of forcing them to change their behavior and adapt to the product.

    Content Management Systems

    Easily manage content on your website or Intranet without any technical knowledge

    There was a time when if you wanted to change a line of content you required the skills of a web developer. Thankfully this is no longer the case with the development and evolution of Web Content Management Systems.

    At ThePixel we have been building Content Management Systems for our clients for nearly a decade. A Content Management System or CMS allows website administrators to easily manage content on a website without any technical knowledge. A CMS will provide the ability to control the full content publications life cycle from creation, editing moderating, publishing, archiving and deleting. Content in the context of a CMS means text, images, audio, video documents and these content types can be presented and published in the form of blog posts, events, image galleries, news items publications or even products.


    Online Business Solutions

    The greatest online business solutions are at ThePixel


    Out-of-Box Solutions

    Our out-of-box solutions are built with business owners needs in mind. Manage all aspects of your website without NO programming knowledge required!

    Website Design Solutions

    Custom Website Design

    We understand that you are unique and that you’re in business because you’ve differentiated yourself from your competitors in a way that is valuable to your clients and customers!


    Basic Website Template

    You can choose from a wide range of basic website templates that look both professional and visually appealing. Our templates, created for you by top web development experts.

    One-Page Website Solution

    One-Page Website

    ‘Clean n crisp’ is how we can define the current website making market. Instead of huge multilayered sites everyone prefers a one page website.

    SEO Solution

    Search Engine Results

    With more than 80% of clicks happening on the first page of Google Search, a professional search engine marketing strategy is a must. SEO strategy must align with your long-term goals.


    UX/UI Web Design

    Comprehensive user interface design solutions specialized in Web/Desktop/Mobile User Interface (UI/UX) design, development and visual design services.


    Online Reputation

    Social media marketing is best explained as public relations and marketing all rolled into one. We can help you manage your online reputation by social listening and monitoring.


    Website Management

    Say goodbye to website headaches! At ThePixel we pair you one-on-one with a dedicated webmaster who’s on standby to help you with anything you need.


    Website Hosting

    Choosing ThePixel for your web hosting services provider is a smart business solution. We’re here to help you choose the right web hosting package for your website.