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    Why You Should Think Mobile Design Before Desktop

    November 1, 2017 by in category User Experience, Web Design tagged as with 0 and 3
    Home > Blog > User Experience > Why You Should Think Mobile Design Before Desktop

    In the age of mobile...

    We’re all familiar with the mantra “the customer is always right.” Our objective is to always satisfy our customers, but more importantly, to their users. When implementing a web design project, the goal is to appeal to the personal tastes of the customer. However, this can lead to a shortage of functionality, which produces unmet expectations for the customer.

    In web marketing, we plan a digital strategy, including a website that is geared towards that strategy. A good website design communicates the right message to your customers.

    The original methodology to designing a website began with presenting the customer with a mock-up image. Then the website would be designed for maximum performance on a desktop. However, the introduction of mobile devices has changed how consumers will view your website. The old method leads to major problems as real-estate on mobile devices are limited. So websites are now planned to be more fluid in responsiveness on both mobile devices and desktops.

    Lets get started!


    Mobile Design makes you focus on what’s important, and that’s the content. We’re seeing more and more mobile use from consumers over the last 5 years. Everyone has their phone within reach, and it’s often the first thing people grab to search the web for nearby places to eat, shop or any variety of services. People even reach for them to pass the time while waiting. If your online presence isn’t strategized for mobile devices, consumers will become frustrated with the inefficiency of your website and move on to another.


    It’s only going to get trickier

    For Designers and customers.

    Web designers and developers are always on the front lines of design and technology used to promote and market information on the web. New tech requires new techniques and strategies. Therefore, cheaper doesn’t equal cost effective. A less expensive web design may save you initial development dollars. However, if it doesn’t generate new business or satisfy your current customers, a poorly designed website will equate to loss of profitability.

    Rise of the Freelancer – Part 2

    Sounds like the latest blockbuster, right?

    Hiring a freelancer is often cost effective, but projects can take a full year to complete or arrive early but incomplete. Most customers don’t know that they have a one-dimensional website until they decide to scale up, or hire an agency with more resources. You have to think long term in this arena, or you may find yourself having to invest in a whole new website to make the improvements necessary to modernize your site.

    Iowa Business Website Designs

    But what about starting small?

    It’s ok to start small, but don’t delay.

    Many small businesses don’t invest in a website, which greatly limits their potential growth and reach. Today, it’s about how easy it is to use or get the product, not how ostentatious you look. People want convenience, but you still need to look professional. Looking professional presents you as a trustworthy business, and helps you outshine your competitors.


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