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Inventory Management Solution

We put you in control of your website

Complete Inventory Management System

Complete store or inventory management system where you can manage your total store business.

StoreKeeper / Inventory Management

Our StoreKeeper / Inventory Management is an out-of-box solution allows you to have the right amount of stock at the right time: never over stock or under stock your inventory again! We have many modules allowing you can manage your managerial needs. No programming knowledge required!

Ever wondered what your optimal stock levels are? Or when you should replenish your stock? Drop these guesses and empower yourself with a system that helps you make strategic, calculated decisions.

Inventory Management Key Features:

  • Processing (can edit order, mark committed stock, receive payments, can print invoice)
  • Completed (complete invoice, mark orders as paid/unpaid, mark that all goods have been shipped, mark the order as paid/ unpaid, if unpaid then amount will be added into customer/supplier due)
  • Cancelled (all stock will be restored, all payments will be cancelled)
  • Inventory or Products
  • Sales and Purchases
  • Sales and Purchases Returns
  • Incomes and Expenses
  • Damaged Products
  • Banks and Transactions
  • Loan Agent and Loan Management
  • Admin and CRM (Customer and Supplier Management)
  • Customer and Supplier Order History
  • Customer and Supplier Due Management
  • Multi User and Permissions
  • Advanced and Detail Searching
  • Reporting
  • Printing Order Memo with full customization

Out-of-Box Solutions

Business website out-of-box solutions built for any niche market

Contact Form Builder

Contact Form Builder

PixelForm is a web based form builder. It allows non-technical users the ability to create rich, content-capturing web forms directly. No programming knowledge required!



Our newsletter solutions integrate into your website. Send emails with specials, coupons, reminders, latest blog posts or anything else. Start your email campaign now!



Add a customized blog to your website allows you can interact with your web visitors easily by posting text or media and receive message posts and keyword-rich feedback at any time.


Events Calendar

Create your event calendar online! Announce office activities or schedule repeat events for upcoming events, monthly specials, fitness classes, lecture and more.


Inventory Management

Manage your invoicing and inventory on site. Update your stock information, make purchases and view sales data from anywhere whether in the office, at home or warehouse.


File Management

Upload PDFs, word docs, or images to users with password protected directories or share files publicly. Whatever your file management needs are we have a solution for you!