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    Events Calendar Solution

    Schedule, Book or Host Events using our Cutting-Edge Calendar

    Events Calendar Solution

    Since 2008 ThePixel has been helping businesses thrive online with our unique website design, development services & online marketing techniques.

    Events Calendar

    Our elegant, sleek designed events calendar out-of-box solution allows you to manage all 12 months and dates using our content management solution integration. Create recurring events and allow users to subscribe to your calendar for instant notifications on event updates or new events. Google Map API supported allowing front-end users to better use and navigate to the physical event location.Our booking feature allows you to accept credit cart, PayPal or another payment gateway source and accept payments to your events. No programming knowledge required!

    Calendar Key Features:

    • Bookings – Allow users to book events
    • Export Bookings list to Excel (XLS)
    • Limit the number of bookings in an event
    • Today & Upcoming Events Widget
    • Filter Events by Category
    • iCal feed export / import
    • Subscribe to a calendar – Allows users to subscribe to a specific calendar to get newsletter. Mailchimp Supported.
    • Recurring Events – Create complex recurring events with the multiple options that this plugin offers.

    Imagine! Being in power and control of your events as well as booking and payment details. By integrating your payment gateway you eliminate any percentage that you must pay with many major 3rd party ticket masters.

    Our built-in iCal feature makes it very easy for your front-end users to add event(s) to their busy schedule as well as add reminders. Webmasters will have the ability to customize the look (dark or light) to meet your unique branding guidelines. Speak to a website consultant & get started today!


    Out-of-Box Solutions

    Business website out-of-box solutions built for any niche market

    Contact Form Builder

    Contact Form Builder

    PixelForm is a web based form builder. It allows non-technical users the ability to create rich, content-capturing web forms directly. No programming knowledge required!



    Our newsletter solutions integrate into your website. Send emails with specials, coupons, reminders, latest blog posts or anything else. Start your email campaign now!



    Add a customized blog to your website allows you can interact with your web visitors easily by posting text or media and receive message posts and keyword-rich feedback at any time.


    Events Calendar

    Create your event calendar online! Announce office activities or schedule repeat events for upcoming events, monthly specials, fitness classes, lecture and more.


    Inventory Management

    Manage your invoicing and inventory on site. Update your stock information, make purchases and view sales data from anywhere whether in the office, at home or warehouse.


    File Management

    Upload PDFs, word docs, or images to users with password protected directories or share files publicly. Whatever your file management needs are we have a solution for you!