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Social Media Marketing

We'll help you grow, engage & create content for your audience

Social Media Strategy & Account Management

Daily, unique, quality social media posts at an affordable price for you.

Social Media Management can be time consuming and often requires a creative understanding of one’s brand; the social media consultants at ThePixel will not only monitor and update on your company’s behalf, but will also develop an understanding of your unique business perspective and goals. No other Social Media Company offers the level of personalization that ThePixel guarantees! The content ThePixel posts will be catered toward your individual company’s perspective, and will be aimed at driving sales and increasing your online presence. Many businesses encounter an issue translating social media into increased profit: let ThePixel handle the technical aspects, while you reap the benefits!

Building your social media presence can be an effective way to engage current and potential customers, and even build your website’s search engine optimization… But where do you start? How can social media channels help your business? What social media websites are most appropriate for your type of business? What the heck is “tweeting”, anyway?


We're taking social media off the 'to-do list' of small business owners

Daily Posts

Posting content once a day, 7 days a week on Facebook & Twitter


Creating unique content specifically for your business


Images, posts & articles carefully selected to grow your target audience

Weekly Promos

Promote your companies weekly products, services or specials


Use hashtags to grow your social searches & get found


Top-notch support via email, phone, and chat. We’re here to help!

ThePixel creates Custom Branded Graphics for your Social Media Platforms

Customized social media graphics will help to maintain consistency across all of your businesses social media accounts, and will increase brand familiarity and exposure. From Google+ cover photos, to Facebook, Twitter backgrounds and LinkedIn banners, ThePixel will create incredible, custom graphics that will relay a level of familiarity and professionalism to all current and new fans. If your business already has awesome graphics, we will adjust those to fit accordingly for each social site! Cohesive branding will allow potential customers to establish a level of intuitive familiarity around your brand.

Social Media Management Services
with your Business In Mind

Our social media management services are completely customization to fit your business.

How We Help Your Business…

Daily, unique, quality social media content posts at a price you can afford!


We do four things to help your business grow on social media:

1. Daily Management & Posts

2. Custom Content Creation

3. Interactive Engagement

4. Awareness & Follower Growth

We use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to accomplish your brand’s social media objectives. Each social media platform is used differently to connect with potential buyers.

We help you reach a new customer base by doing the following:

1. We Create Unique Content For Your Business

Content creation consists of the creation of posts that go out on your social media channels. We develop content by defining how your brand hopes to engage its audience. This could be creating content that educates people about your brand, inspires them to take an action, or informs them more about industry-related news to engage their interest. We differentiate from other social media management companies by producing high-quality content with images that incorporate your logo and color scheme.


2. We Interact With Your Potential Customers

Interactive engagement consists of engaging and interacting with potential buyers on social media. This involves posting content that drives likes, retweets, comments, and shares. It also involves interacting and joining authentic conversations with people who may have a need for your product or services on a daily basis.

3. We Increase Your Followers

There are two ways we increase fans and followers for our clients. It consists of organic approaches or paid advertising. Organically, we increase followers by spending time each day using hashtags, following hundreds of people, liking other user’s posts, and much more. Under this approach, we typically increase followers by hundreds of people each month on Twitter and Instagram. On platforms like Facebook, we increase your fans through paid advertising. We employ Facebook Advertising geniuses that know how to use Facebook to generate likes at a current average of $0.30 to $0.50 per like. (This is 3x lower than average)

Facebook is a data-driven platform that allows your business to laser target buyers. We create engaging content and run Facebook ads to increase your page likes, post reach, and website traffic. The first step we take is to design your brand’s page to give your brand a clean and professional appearance. Next, we create and post content daily 1-2 times a day. If someone comments on a post, our account managers respond within 24 hours.

Twitter is a micro-blogging site that allows your business to have 1-on-1 conversations with your target audience. We post sharable content and help build new relationships with potential buyers.

Instagram is all about telling your brand’s story through images. It currently produces the most content engagement for our clients than any platform. We use high-quality images and post 1-2 times on a daily basis. Our account managers also incorporate high-traffic hashtags in posts to reach a large audience.

The list of social media platforms we manage on behalf of our clients goes on to include Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more. We also manage review websites like Yelp, Google+, and Foursquare on behalf of our clients. The concept is still the same. We create great content, engage your target audience, and grow your followers to increase awareness and website traffic.

Want to learn more? Call now 563.543.6433 or contact us and we will provide you with more in-depth information with pricing and packages. We’d love to learn more about your business and see if you’re a good fit for our social media management services.

Daily Quality Content, Images & Articles at a Price You Can Afford

Our social media management services are designed to grow your brand’s online presence. We help your brand establish trust and build relationships with potential buyers. The benefits of using our social media management services consist of increased awareness, website traffic and lead generation. Additional benefits include influenced Google rankings, blog promotions, reputation management, and customer service to current and potential customers.



2x Weekly Facebook Posts

2x Weekly Twitter Posts

Custom Content Tailored to You

Brand Promoting

Access to a Web/Graphic Designer

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3x Weekly Facebook Posts

3x Weekly Twitter Posts

3x Instagram or Pinterest

Custom Content Tailored to You

Brand Promoting

Access to a Web/Graphic Designer

Facebook Ads Campaign

Monthly Blog Post

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4x Weekly Facebook Posts

4x Weekly Twitter Posts

4x Instagram or Pinterest

Add additional social media platform (Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Shatchat or Google+)

Unique Graphic Designs

Custom Content Tailored to You

Brand Promoting

Access to a Web/Graphic Designer

Facebook Ads Campaign Management

Monthly Blog Post

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