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    Content Marketing

    We think beyond the pixel squares

    We help set you apart from the competition

    Our skilled team of writers is ready to tackle your brief

    Think for a minute or two about the most well-read websites on the internet. The chances are they contain well-written content – because, unless they’re giving away something for free, why else would you visit it?

    Good content engages its audience – and that’s precisely what keeps people going back to a particular site. Even pages like The New York Times on Facebook use well-thought-out captions to entice the reader to click ‘Sign Up’ for breaking new stories and daily trends.

    So, just how do you create such compelling, story-telling content when you’re trying to run a successful business? We know you’ll probably be short of time, which is why we can step in to help.

    Content Marketing Benefits

    Offering a host of content marketing and copy writing services, our skilled team of writers is ready to tackle your brief. Whether you’re looking for website content, or some text for a handful of customer emails or e-newsletters, we can help. We can even assist with in-depth blog articles, eBooks, and FAQs.

    We love this quote via CopyBlogger: ‘Content without copy writing is a waste of good content’ – and that’s true, you know.

    All too often, companies and organizations short of time litter their site or e-newsletters with ‘content for content’s sake’. They care less about creating engaging copy and more about simply getting some text on their site.

    Great Content Will Boost Your Business

    Good content will bring you customers, which will ultimately lead to sales. It will boost your business, so why wouldn’t you get on board with that? Building brand awareness, our content is always well-crafted and always features a strong call to action – be it a link to a hero product, or a link to your contact details.

    Some Useful Copy writing Stats:

    When it comes to sharing content, Twitter is the top-rated platform for content marketing distribution; 75% of marketers rate it as effective (CMI).

    Content marketing is proven to get results. 41% of content marketers say they are generating return on investment from their content (

    Content marketing is a popular marketing tactic. In the UK, 85% of all marketers and 90% of B2C marketers are investing in content marketing (CMI).

    Become an Authority in Your Industry

    Stand out from your competition by becoming an authority within your industry. Of course, you can do this via a great content marketing agency like ours. We employ a team of skilled copywriters who’ll take your brief and goals and make them into something even better.

    Content is the most important part of your website and there’s a reason people say: ‘Content is King’. Allow us to make you an authority in your industry by telling your story via the many online platforms you’re on.

    Content Marketing Model

    We’d like to help you build a connection with your customers here at ThePixel, and we understand what it means to write great content for our clients – since we do it almost every day at headquarters.

    Why We Create Great Content

    Getting to the very core of your business is what it’s all about – and we make sure we do that here in Yorkshire. It takes time to develop and express that understanding of your customers through writing, and it’s true that almost anybody can write, but there aren’t many who can write well.

    The right content can go a long way in building trust and, for that reason, it’s important to utilise more than one style of writing on your site.

    While you need to try to maintain a consistent tone, there are different ways to push a message online. We offer a host of web content packages, including blog management, copywriting, and guest blogging, to ensure you can pick and choose the services you’ll benefit from.

    Your business’s blog should be the cornerstone of your content marketing efforts and, if it isn’t quite there yet, we’ll help get it there. You can express much more of your personality and show off your business knowledge in a blog post, so why not do it?

    We create and deliver blog posts on a regular basis, pushing them live directly to our clients’ sites. Helping to build brand awareness and trust for your business, our blog management copywriting service may be just the route to go down. Crafting specific content for targeted traffic, this convenient service sees us create new leads for your business.

    Allow us to make links with the right people online via our guest blogging service. The act of typing up a blog post for publication on a website other than your own, guest blogging puts you in front of people who might have otherwise been in the dark about the services you offer, or the products you sell. Helping to spread your brand and its message to a whole new audience, it’ll ensure you gain high-quality links in the process. Building your online reputation and increasing your site visitors, guest blogging could be one of the easiest – and cheapest – things you can do for your brand.

    An essential element of online marketing, copy writing should be your first port of call when creating a new site. We deliver copy for Pay-Per-Click campaigns and city specific landing pages, as well as for web content such as ‘Service’ and ‘About Us’ pages. There’s an art and a science to delivering content that will make someone take action – and once you’ve mastered that, you have a customer (or customers!) for life.

    Supercharge Your Content Marketing

    we will create unique and compelling content

    to engage, grow and boost your online presence and traffic

    ThePixel makes it easy for business owners to get the content they need that will drive their business website results, traffic and boost online presence using eBooks, blog posts, videos, webinars and more!

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      "One of the best decisions I made for my business!"

      “ThePixel has been extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process of renovating our company website. She came out to tour our company to understand what we do in order to help us think of new ideas for our website, and was always available for quick updates that we wanted to make throughout development and launch. I highly recommend Lindi and ThePixel for all your website needs!

      -Ryan Velvick AMTek International

      One of the best decisions I made for my business! Working with Lindi at ThePixel has been a great experience. Response to any communication and question is quick and any projects are finished within just a few days. I would strongly encourage anyone looking to upgrade their website to use ThePixel!”

      -Cody Scharf, DC Thrive Care Chiropractic