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    3 Reasons Why Your Website is NOT Generating Sales

    August 24, 2020 by in category Lead Generation, Web Design tagged as , with 0 and 5
    Home > Blog > Lead Generation > 3 Reasons Why Your Website is NOT Generating Sales

    The following examples explain why websites fail to get found and how to correct these errors.

    If growing your small business depends on finding new customers but your site doesn’t get you any and as such doesn’t make any money, you definitely need to rethink your content marketing, SEO strategies and website design. Content marketing is the art and science of crafting interesting content that does two important things: it gets indexed in search engines, and in turn, it drives users to your website. #contentstrategy #seo #content Click To Tweet

    #1. Ignoring SEO

    The most basic premise that you need to understand as a business owner is that in order to monetize your website, sales opportunities begin with content that can generate leads. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the solution to building an online following, but someone still must do the work of creating content that is powered by a consistent narrative.

    If you become a thought leader of new ideas and niches, you will have an edge in creating an original website, sale potential and high search rankings that attract early adopters of new products and services. Search engines favor originality and comprehensive content while punishing duplicate or shallow content. In other words, a five page website full of useful information usually gets better search rankings than a 500 page website with generic or useless information.

    70 SEO Statistics That Prove the Power of Search

    #2. Resisting Change

    As the hard sell era is ending and we are now in the era of the informed buyer, sale process is changing. We no longer live in a world in which cold calling effectively builds a list of sales leads. Businesses and buyers are looking for loyalty and trusted providers rather than interruptive advertising. Furthermore, even if your business operates with low margins, you will be better off optimizing your website and tapping into the increasing market of mobile internet users who are ready to buy.

    Part of the problem with websites that don’t generate leads is that over half of today’s businesses are service-oriented and are either dependent on geographic targetting or compete with too many other businesses in the global market. Usually the blander a website is, regardless of the service, the less it sells.

    Run an A/B Split Test on Your Website

    #3. Failing to Effectively Monetize

    The first thing you need to do in converting your site to something that attracts buyers is to offer valuable information that can help people. This step helps build loyalty. Without this step, your site will likely continue to fail and blend in with the millions of other useless bland sites that mostly waste people’s time. Posting free information in a video is one of many ways to offer compelling and persuasive content that doesn’t come off like an outdated sales pitch.

    The next step is to develop a “unique selling proposition” that addresses pain points felt by target customers. Your product or service needs to clearly communicate a solution to these pain points. Then you need to provide access to a social network or a way to interact with customers so that you can answer their questions directly. Most importantly, your website needs a simple design that makes sense with easy navigation so that when new visitors land on your site they aren’t instantly confused on what it’s about or how to find what they want.

    Your site ultimately needs a call to action (CTA) that points to landing pages. You want your CTA to be clear from the home page and link directly to landing pages where more content is available or products or services can be ordered. Even though many business owners understand these principles and know what to do with their website, sale activity doesn’t happen because they fail to implement these principles. Perhaps it sounds too simple to be true, but it’s better to keep it simple and generate sales than it is to do nothing or get too fancy and watch nothing happen.

    Calls-to-Action-Tips that Increase Conversion Rates

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