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    Website Design Costs

    May 5, 2020 by in category Branding, Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation, Web Design tagged as with 0 and 1
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    Building a Website that Converts Traffic into Sales

    How often do you land on a well crafted website and guess just how much it probably cost the owner?

    Are you able to estimate the pricing of every CTA, logo design, and exit pop-up? Is it a custom design or a template? Did they save money by building it in-house or did they outsource?

    If you can create an itemized receipt for a website in one visit and you’re not a developer or designer, we applaud you.

    Cedar Rapids, Iowa Marketing Agency

    Typically, though, the average person isn’t aware of all the different variables that contribute to the cost of a site. And when you’re preparing to design and develop your own, you’ll definitely want to know how to get the most bang for your buck.

    We’ll cover what’s essential to your website and answer some frequently asked questions about website design service costs to get you on your feet. But first we’ll tackle the first real question: why does web design even matter?

    Why Website Design Is So Important

    Today, if your business isn’t present online, then it basically doesn’t exist to the public. And it’s not enough to have a bare bones website put together with a few text boxes and some generic stock images.

    The bar has been raised pretty high in our digital society, especially when it comes to buyers researching businesses they’re interested in purchasing from.

    Make a Good First Impression.

    Your website is often the first place your audience looks to in order to get a feel of your business and brand. They’ll make most of their judgements based on the look, ease of use, and responsiveness of your webpages.

    Within the first few clicks, they’ll decide whether they’re interested in your business or if they’re moving on to a competitor (probably with a better site).

    Implementing a design that reflects your brand, value, and (most importantly) your target audience’s expectations is the best way to make a good first impression and capture the interest of your visitors.

    Iowa Website Design and Development Agency

    Earn Your Audience’s Trust.

    This is a bit of a secondhand effect of making a good impression, but winning your audience’s trust is just as important as the other benefits listed.

    People don’t trust poorly designed websites.

    Pretend you’re in the market for a new car. You’re offered a vehicle that’s 30 years old. The paint is rusting, the headlights are cloudy, the tires are worn, and it takes three turns of the ignition to turn on. A few rows down, though, you see a new car with a customized dash, fresh tires, and Amazon’s Alexa built in.

    Which are you going to trust to keep you safe on the road?

    Now, the older car could very well be reliable transportation, but appearances do make a difference.

    Your customers tend to judge their purchases the same way. If your website is uniquely designed and feels current and up to date, then they’ll trust that your organization is on top of their game and capable of providing some real value.

    Boost Your SEO.

    Most web design best practices actually allow search engines an easier time crawling your website. This in turn contributes to your search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

    The design of your website dictates your on-page SEO, and if you’re doing it right, that’s going to help you earn those top five ranking spots on SERPs. Believe it or not, code can be SEO-friendly. And if you’re looking to generate organic traffic, then you’ll want to have a design that can answer the call.

    SEO Solution

    Establish Your Brand.

    If you make a point to build a style guide and practice brand consistency, you’ll be able to establish yourself in your market and industry.

    Brand awareness and recognition are the extent to which a potential customer can recognize or identify the qualities or image of your company.

    A unique design can help your brand stand out from your competitors. If you’re able to create a custom website that clearly communicates your business’ mission, values, and potential, then your brand will easily be recognized by consumers.

    Hire ThePixel to build your next website!

    ThePixel is a full-service website design and development agency located in Cedar Rapids, IA specializes in website design, website development, content management system (CMS), social media marketing, mobile apps, managed cloud hosting, website maintenance and other online web services. Since 2008, ThePixel has worked with hundreds of businesses to design, develop and launch their ideal website. Hire ThePixel to build your next website!

    Complete our request for proposal form and receive an email with a detailed proposal outlining your next web project, cost break down, design and development process. You may also call us at 563.543.6433 to speak to a website consultant, and see how we can help take your business to the next level.

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