Twitter Begins Increasing Tweet Limit to 280 Characters

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Twitter Begins Increasing Tweet Limit to 280 Characters

Today some lucky Twitter users were excited to find they had the ability to Tweet with 280 characters instead of 140.

Last January, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey addressed the possibility of increasing the character count for Tweets.

When Twitter began they implemented a 140-character restriction. This reflected fitting into a single SMS message. The limited character count stuck and inspired us all to whittle down our thoughts into brief messages that fit this requirement. It also inspired us to be creative in getting our thoughts out into such a short message.— jack (@jack) January 5, 2016

However, longer Tweets have been a discussion for a while now. Some see the 140-character limit as restrictive and difficult, potentially keeping new users away.

2017 has seen Twitter’s growth stall. Twitter usage is down this year and they are not adding users as fast as they once did.

To make a change and increase interest Twitter has begun testing out longer Tweets, doubling the character limit to 280 for some of its users. These tests are being done in different areas to understand how Tweets are used in different locations. Some languages, like English, are quick to hit that 140 limit, but other languages, like Chinese or Japanese, my use only one character to convey information, instead of using a word with several characters.

“For example, when I (Aliza) Tweet in English, I quickly run into the 140-character limit and have to edit my Tweet down so it fits. Sometimes, I have to remove a word that conveys an important meaning or emotion, or I don’t send my Tweet at all. But when Iku Tweets in Japanese, he doesn’t have the same problem. He finishes sharing his thought and still has room to spare. This is because in languages like Japanese, Korean, and Chinese you can convey about double the amount of information in one character as you can in many other languages, like English, Spanish, Portuguese, or French.” (Twitter)


Do you have the new 280-character limit yet?

Twitter has also found that when people are not restrained by character limit they Tweet more often. And if Twitter needs anything it’s more people Tweeting.

The increased character limit is bound to create some debate in the Twitterverse, as Twitter explained in its formal announcement:

“We understand since many of you have been Tweeting for years, there may be an emotional attachment to 140 characters – we felt it, too. But we tried this, saw the power of what it will do, and fell in love with this new, still brief, constraint.”

Do you have the new 280-character limit yet? How do you feel about longer Tweets?

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