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Top 17 Web Design Trends For 2017

December 27, 2017 by in category Web Design tagged as , with 0 and 4
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Top 17 Web Design Trends For 2017

Web designers and UX experts are always look forward to the latest and greatest web design trends for that new year. In 2017 bring new website design trends, styles and techniques that will be embraced by industry leaders and business owners.

17 Key Components:

#1 Fewer menu options

2016 witnessed that many websites were redesigned with reduced menu options. This is likely to become a hot trend in 2017. Header navigation menus that had 5-8 options previously would now have 3-4 options. This would help the users reach the desired page easily with fewer clicks.

#2 Say goodbye to hamburger

It’s time to bid goodbye to hamburger. It helps to hide the depth and breadth of your website. The visitors would have no orientations for your website.

#3 Animated call to action buttons

In 2016, we have seen several different types of animations. CTA button should be the hero of a web page. Using animations for call to action buttons can be a good way to tempt the users to click on CTA button. A subtle movement after every few seconds can grab the attention of the visitors and they are more likely to click on CTA button.

#4 Original images

Since the last two to three years, there has been a huge decline in the use of stock images as people want unique designs. Hence, we can expert web designers and website owners to look for amazing photographs that define what needs to be perceived.


#5 Rise of overlapping and overlays

This is an emerging trend that has been on rise since 2016. Gradients and overlays helps to capture the users’ attention to the areas where designers want the visitors to see first.

#6 Responsive web design will continue to dominate

In 2017, website developers will continue to follow a mobile-first approach and design responsive websites to make them compatible with all the devices. Website owners have started realizing the benefits of responsive sites and look for web development companies that can create responsive websites.

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#7 Home page will be less important

Of course you need a home page, but more emphasis would be laid on landing pages in 2017. Marketers would want to direct traffic to dedicated landing pages to drive targeted users to the respective pages. If the website owners would direct their marketing efforts to landing pages, it would be more fruitful.

#8 Increased use of hand-drawn images

Elements such as fonts, graphics, icons, buttons, and others would be hand-drawn to add a unique touch to websites. The increased use of hand drawn elements would change the current web design trends prevailing in the industry.

#9 Geometric shapes and patterns

The late 2016 witnessed the increased use of geometric shapes and patterns in the website design. We can expect the use of geometric shapes, lines, and designs in 2017 too. These type of design styles would dominate throughout 2017.

#10 Death of flat design

Flat web design has lost creativity in design. Designers feel that creativity is gone, and so, they desire to create something new. Flat design would be dead in 2017, and more creative and imaginative website designs would rule.

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#11 Emphasis on content

It is rightly said that content is the king. We have noticed that headers, banner ads, sidebars, call to action,comments, and social media to dominate the industry in 2017. The content is the heart of a website and it will continue to hold the same position in the coming few months.

#12 Interactive storytelling

Interactive storytelling helps customers connect with your brand in a personal and more engaging way. Combination of interactive design and immersive storytelling will be the latest trend in 2017. Web designers are focusing on creating more natural interactions with the help of chat bots.

#13 Long-scrolling websites

Long-scrolling websites have both pros and cons. The success of seemingly bottomless websites such as Facebook and Twitter give rise to long scrolling websites that capture the users’ attention. Website development with HTML5, CSS, and jQuery facilitates long scrolling for hours, and constantly seeing the new content.


#14 Duotones

Use of duotones perks up the homepage. Duotones are used to create a perfect balance between a minimal and a busy website design. Industry experts expect to see more duotone imagery in backgrounds in the coming few months. Think Instagram. Duotone imagery combines several colors together to create a consistent effect.

#15 Decline in the use of stock photography

For the last few years, there has been a huge decline in the use of stock imagery. This has resulted in website designs becoming more unique. Brands and designers would now be more careful about the imagery being used on their website. Most of the brands prefer hiring photographers to take their shots. We can expect to see stock photography falling off a little more in 2017.

#16 Big and bold typography

Typography got bigger and bolder in 2016. Industry experts assume that brands would prefer to go for bigger, full-screen typography having dynamic colors and textures. The vibrant fonts would add the “wow” effect to the web designs.

#17 Video becomes the king

Much like animation, the videos captures the users’ attention. Videos can be used for story-telling and marketing purposes. Being more dynamic, videos can be used for holding the attention of the users for a longer time. Use of videos is becoming popular and widespread in social media platforms also. It is expected that videos will dominate in 2017.

Wrap Up

Summing up all the above, we can say that 2017 will be a exciting and thrilling year for the web design industry. All the trends that will become popular in 2017 move us closer towards “experience design”. Web designers would not just design unique websites, but also art pieces in a unique way. Online web designs would be more intuitive and human-like. The creatives and clever-thinkers all over the world keep up with the latest trends to know what’s happening in the web design industry.

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