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4 Terrific Tips to Tweet Like a Pro

June 11, 2015 by in category Social Media Marketing tagged as with 0 and 2
Home > Blog > Social Media Marketing > 4 Terrific Tips to Tweet Like a Pro

Ask most social media experts, and they’ll tell you that to be successful on Twitter, tweeting needs to become part of your daily routine. Shower, brew a pot of coffee, Tweet. Meet with clients, check email, Tweet.

Sure, there are no hard-and-fast rules that dictate how often or when you should take to the Twittersphere. Frequency and the content of your tweets depend on your goals and audience. Most Twitter buffs agree, however, that a rhythm of three to five Tweets per day is a good place to start and studies have shown that Twitter engagement spikes around noon and between 5 and 6 p.m. More important than frequency and timing, however, is what and how you Tweet. So, if you want to become a Twitter pro, try doing these four things:

1. Post questions, tips, and answers

Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback on ideas or seek recommendations on places, vendors or resources. You might be surprised by your Twitter followers’ willingness to help. You can also use Twitter to respond to customer questions or issues, post links to FAQs and offer other helpful how-tos.

2. Share relevant links or big news

Links are one of the most widely shared types of Twitter content, so try sharing blog or website updates and passing along community or industry news.

3. Show your personality and make it personal

Share observations on big news, post some things that inspire you, or Tweet a funny joke that made you laugh. Acknowledging or promoting your best customers, vendors and new acquaintances can also go a long way toward building a loyal following. Go ahead, and thank those who follow, mention or retweet you on Twitter, too!

4. Give people a reason to check you out

Calls to action are a great way to acquire new followers or engage them further. So ask others to download, sign up for or retweet your stuff. Regular features like trivia challenges, Twitter-only specials and customer spotlights are also great ways to keep people tuning in to your Tweets.

So there you have it — four strategies that should help you look more like a Twitter pro. If you do it right, Twitter can be a unique and productive marketing tool. Just be sure that your account doesn’t become a self-centered squawk box. It should be a two-way conversation.

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