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The Hub of Your Business – Your Website

November 18, 2016 by in category Web Design with 0 and 5
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In the years before eCommerce, mobile devices and the Internet, the workshop or the shop or the office was the hub of our businesses. With the rise of the internet times are changing.

Even if your business structure is still based on that workshop, store or office, the hub has shifted. Now, in all successful businesses, the hub is online, the hub is your website. With studies suggesting that between 81-86% of shoppers conduct online research before buying (regardless on where the end purchase is made) a website is the virtual front door to your business. If you want to be found, you need to be online. To be successful, you need a hub for your online business practices and presence.

Why you need a hub/website

Essentially, with your website you maintain control and own the site. If you only use 3rd party platforms you success is dependent on them, their functionality, their security and reliability.


Do not limit your business potential online by only using social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc), [Social Media Channels Explained] blogging sites (Tumblr etc.), or portfolio/personal pages ( etc.) only means that you are ‘renting’ space really and at the whim of your host. Remember the old adage ‘don’t build on rented land’? It’s fine to do some basics DIY to make a rented place more comfortable while you are there but you wouldn’t invest in any major renovations – that’s just over-capitalizing. You’re much better off investing in real estate that you own and that is going to bring you dividends, not someone else.

While we suggest having content and profiles on numerous 3rd party platforms for increase exposure and engagement, every single one of them must link back to and promote your hub, your website. Again, this lets you maintain control.

Having you website as the hub of your business will allow you to:

  • Provide consistent communications through email addresses that link to your site
  • Control your design
  • Control your content
  • Control you professional face and reputation
  • Provide greater functionality
  • Give your business greater visibility in SEO

Get Started Today!

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