Is Your Small Business Ready for Mobile?

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You might have already noticed mobile device usage is growing very fast. It’s estimated that each year mobile device usage in the United States and many other countries will double. This is a crucial piece of information that can have a positive impact on your small business. This means that there is a high chance that most of your current customers or prospects are using their mobile devices more than their home or office computer. So, hence the title of this post: “Is your small business ready for mobile?” The answer must be “Yes”.

If you currently own a website and it’s not mobile friendly, you need to act now and make it mobile friendly website design.

Top Reasons Why Your Business Need a Mobile Friendly Website

You want to provide a mobile experience for your website visitors. Here are a couple quick tips to keep in mind when converting your current site to a mobile friendly site.

1. Keep it Simple

People looking for information on their mobile devices have a limited time span. They want to quickly find what they’re looking for without any hassle. Therefore, keep your website simple and only provide the information that you know it’s useful for your target audience.

2. Provide Easy Access to Key Information

Make sure key information such as your phone number and location address is accessible from every page. You might want to include it in the top header of your site. Also, if your business has a physical location, include a “get directions” link. This is a link that will take the user to a map website site such as Google maps. Using Google Maps your website visitor can get directions to your business location.


3. Keep Graphics to a Minimum

Most mobile device users have a low speed Internet connection. Most of these connections are “3G”. Thus, you want to include the least amount of graphics on your site so that your site loads fast. On the Internet seconds matter. If your website is taking a few seconds to load, your website visitor or prospect will leave your site.

Having a mobile presence will help you grow your business and optimize your marketing efforts. More and more people use their mobile devices on a daily basis. Do not miss on the opportunity to engage with a broader and larger audience.


What's Next?

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