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Top Mobile App User Interface (UI/UX) Design Inspiration of 2016

April 9, 2017 by in category Mobile App, User Interface with 0 and 4
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Mobile App UI Design Inspiration

With so many mobile (Android or iPhone) apps being released in such a short period of time, designers need to really create apps that stand out. Visual inspiration is very important part of this. It is also a way that you could leave your own mark on the entire industry. Think about the gestures that exist on mobile phones. The techniques used to get stuff done on our phones is constantly evolving. Think about what doesn’t exist yet. Your mantra should be, “What is the most natural way to get this done.” Double tapping? Swiping? Typing?


With thousands of apps being created every day, there is always something new. The popular phrase, “There’s an app for that”, didn’t sprout up out of nowhere. The amount of apps and things that they do is staggering. You want to be different but approachable. Be unique and usable.

Remember: Inspire yourself but don’t steal. You will learn a great deal and vastly improve your app by looking at what is already out there. Take a look at these different mobile design concepts to give you inspiration and more knowledge of UI design, especially for mobile devices. Enjoy!

Internet Usage Mobile App


Weather Mobile App


Breaking News Mobile App


Fitness Mobile App


Reporting User Interface Mobile Apps


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