Lead Conversion Tips to Increase Sales

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Lead Conversion Tips to Increase Sales

Below are seven conversion optimization tips you can implement to increase sales from inbound lead calls:

1. Create Great Landing Pages

Use call tracking software to get the data you need to tweak your landing pages for better conversions. For example, implement call tracking numbers to gauge how well the copy, headline, or call-to-action on a landing page resonates with your target audience.

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2. Use Lead Scoring to Your Advantage

Not all leads are the same. Therefore, it is important to rank the leads based on preset scales you have chosen to know where they fall in your sales funnel. Lead scoring allows you to determine the importance and likelihood of a lead converting to a customer. With this information, know how to approach the lead as well as determine the optimal resources to use to close a sale.

3. Optimize Your Marketing Processes

You can determine the performance of your marketing campaigns by using a call tracker to discover marketing channels or ads that result in phone calls. The data gathered can inform you of the landing pages to implement call tracking phone numbers for conversion purposes.

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4. Uncover the Lead Conversion Path

When a visitor sees your content and then clicks on it, this is the start of the conversion path. From there, the visitor can be directed to a landing page, where a lead magnet can be provided in exchange for contact information. Lead tracking and management software can provide an overview of the lead conversion path.

5. Implement Geographic Targeting

Call tracking software can also tell you the geographic location of your leads. For example, see calls by state or area codes that are generating the most business. You can drill down on the areas that generate the majority of calls and adjust your strategy to target the areas more heavily.

6. Gather Intelligence and Customer Feedback

Collecting customer data can help you understand your customers’ satisfaction rate and, in turn, boost conversions. Customer feedback can be used to track support and provide insight on how your services, products, and overall processes are perceived.

7. Integrate Your CRM Database

You can integrate a CRM software to your marketing automation platform to get the most value out of your leads. The CRM contains information about your customers obtained through different lead generation methods. The information can help you choose the best way to approach leads to close sales.

Use these smart tips to optimize lead conversion and improve your sales team’s performance.


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