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    How to Choose the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business

    December 20, 2018 by in category Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing tagged as , , with 0 and 3
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    Learn what social network has the best community for your business

    For SMEs and startup businesses, social media is key to building a local network, growing brand awareness and developing an all important engagement with potential customers. Whilst this may be a ‘truth universally acknowledged’ however, many businesses struggle to get their social media campaigns off the ground. First, they have problems making a clear-cut decision to get started, and second, they fail to build enough momentum to maintain the journey.

    The problem – nine times out of ten – comes down to the plethora of choice businesses face when considering their social media strategy. There’s no need to try and master all of them, all at once. In fact, such an endeavour would most probably be doomed to failure. Instead, it’s worth starting by considering:

    • What platform does your customer base gravitate towards?
    • What are your business goals for using social media?

    Which Social Media Platforms Do Your Customers Use?

    You probably have a pretty clear idea of who your customers are, what age range they fall into, what their average income is and why they want to buy your product. Your first task, therefore, is to match your product to the different platforms available:


    Has a reputation for breaking news, providing industry insights and sharing valuable resources. The use of hashtags enables you to know what’s trending in your area, and participate in conversations that are key to your brand. This isn’t a direct sales tool but it’s great for brand development and it’s used mainly by young professionals.

    Twitter Social Media Platform


    Is all about building relationships and growing networks of friends with similar interests. It has around 2 billion active users of all ages, making this a great platform for building a network attached to your product, developing a brand loyalty, and posting fun articles and resources that are linked to your brand. Facebook is more about consolidating a loyal customer base than selling.

    Facebook Social Media Platform


    Is all about visual content, and it has a rapidly growing membership of 100 million followers. This is a great platform to be part of if your business has a photogenic product, or lends itself to great photo opportunities. This started out as a scrapbooking site, and has a largely female base looking for tips, interesting imagery, ideas and interesting or quirky product ranges.

    Pinterest Social Media Platform


    Has become known as the networking hub for professionals. It’s useful to know that this is the platform with the oldest demographic – between 3—49. It’s well respected as a site for networking, accessing material by thought leaders, recruiting professionals, and job hunting. This isn’t a platform for direct sales but it’s great for recommendations, and intros to businesses.

    LinkedIn Social Media Network


    Currently the biggest social media platform on offer. If your business has something to explain, demonstrate, or teach, this is the platform of choice. Emphasis is authenticity of expression, offering viewers a ‘face-to-face’ experience, rather than advertising hype. You don’t have to be professional film-maker to make a splash, you just have to have something to say, or show.

    YouTube Social Media Platform


    Is the social media platform with the youngest base. It uses photos to connect, converse and connect. If you’re in retail, beauty, food or travel, this is the platform for you. Hashtags guide users to trending products or subjects, so it’s pretty easy to get involved if you have some good looking photos.

    Instagram Social Media Platform

    What Are Your Business Goals for Using Social Media?

    Many businesses start their social media strategy with a flurry of activity, and then fall away because they see no return in terms of lead generation. It’s useful to remember that social media is about engaging, connecting and having fun rather than buying. So make your goals realistic; consider making them around brand recognition, relationships with customers, and research – get your customers talking about the reasons they connect with your product, and what they’d like to see more of.

    Once you’ve found the platform that’s right for your business, and the resources to manage your engagement, you’ll start a new kind of marketing journey. This isn’t all about immediate results, because relationships don’t work like that, but it is about developing a passionate, loyal network of followers who want to be associated with your brand, and who may become powerful advocates for your product.

    Best Social Media Networks for your Business in 2018

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