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Why You Should Be Doing Email Marketing To Grow Your Business

Have you ever heard this remark, “Email is dead?” Marketing experts have repeatedly demonstrated that voices claiming the extinction of email marketing are wrong. Email marketing is in fact one of the most effective direct marketing channels, with the highest return on investment (ROI) compared to any other online marketing technique – 4.300%.

We don’t expect you to simply trust us, so we have gathered a list of the most important reasons why you should be doing email marketing to grow your business.

Statistics are extremely encouraging

Here are some of the most recent facts you should know about email marketing:

  • 20% of marketers said that their business’s primary revenue source is directly linked to email operations.
  • 74% of smartphone owners use their devices to check email.
  • Inboxes are not as agglomerated as we are told; 46% of users receive less than 5 promotional emails each day and 25% receive between 6 and 10 emails. Only 14% Internet users receive more than 20 emails a day.
  • Including social sharing buttons to emails leads to a 158% higher click-through rate.

Email marketing implies reduced costs

You don’t need too many resources to get started with email marketing: a copywriter, building a subscribers list, and a professional email service provider (costs are extremely affordable for small businesses). Bottom line: email marketing costs a lot less than traditional marketing strategies.

It can easily become viral

While showing a friend an advertisement you have seen in a newspaper is rather uncommon these days, forwarding an email is a lot simpler and more frequent practice. In fact, top-performing campaigns earned 1 forward for every 21 opened emails.

Email marketing helps you save time and money

Telesales are time-consuming because you have to wait for your agents to contact all prospects, while traditional mail implies preparing envelopes and sending your newsletter by post. With email marketing, all your subscribers receive a message at the same time, after doing just a few clicks.

You can personalize messages

Sending a personalized message to each subscriber in your list is simple and fast due to the advanced features offered by email marketing providers. Instead of communicating a “one size fits all” message, you can use personalization options like user name, purchase history, geographical area, and so on.

You can communicate to your audiences often and at low costs

Electronic mail is cheaper than print, so instead of sending a catalog once a quarter, with email marketing you are able to contact your subscribers practically every day. It’s recommended though that you send customer emails just once a week.

Customers can make a purchase right after reading your email

With email marketing you can take advantage of impulse buying – after receiving an offer on email, subscribers can easily take action with just a few clicks. Compare it to what used to happen by employing traditional marketing techniques – the prospect became interested in an item you sold, but had to go to your physical location to get it. This meant that from the moment your prospect had the impulse to buy until the actual purchase he or she had a lot of time to change their minds.

You can use precise tracking tools

Email marketing tools allow you to easily determine what elements your customers respond to better, such as call to action button color or subject line. You can send one version of your email to some of your subscribers and another version to the rest of the people. By using advanced tracking tools, you will find out which one performed better.

Autoresponders allow you to place your email marketing campaign on autopilot

Autoresponders are series of automated email messages that are sent at a chosen time and frequency. Autoresponder examples include emails that you send to new subscribers, tutorial series, event-based emails (after the subscriber has made a purchase), and transactional emails (invoices, payment confirmations, or shipment tracking emails). Advantages are obvious – saving time and building a strong relationship with customers.

What to Do Next....

Email remains a fundamental asset of your online marketing strategy, as it enables you to communicate to audiences which have already expressed their interest in your business and the products or services you provide. Statistics and average ROI prove there are little other tools as effective as email, so will you leverage its power to achieve more business growth? Ready to start growing your business using email marketing? Give us a call now at (563) 543-6433 or get an email quote! We’ll help setup email campaigns so you can attract more clients and connect with your existing ones.

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