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5 Ways to rapidly boost your online business in the New Year!

In life, you never rest on your laurels.

Even if you’ve achieved a certain level of success in your life, you shouldn’t just lay back and watch the fruits of your labor.

Don’t get me wrong – you can. But if you want to challenge yourself and achieve greater heights in life, then you must keep raising the bar and test the limits of what you can do.

This concept applies to business as well.

If you think you’re earning more than enough from your products and services, think again!

There’s always a better way to approach things and unlock higher growth and earnings potential.

Therefore, if you want to take your online business to another level, below are things that you can do to make that happen:

1. Build a Blog

If your company doesn’t have a blog yet, then you’re missing a lot.

Content is one way to bridge the gap between you and your clients. The things you publish on your blog help inform and educate your customers before they make an informed decision.

Therefore, you need to develop blog content on a consistent basis so you can share more information about your business to your audience.

A great place to start building your blog is by referring to The Blog Starter for all your blogging needs. It details all the steps you need to know to launch a blog primed for success such as choosing a domain name and hosting, installing a CMS, promoting your posts, and more!


2. Optimize for Voice Search

Google continues to innovate how we consume information in today’s digital age. It started with its search engine and the constant algorithm changes it undergoes. Typing in a search phrase would return millions of pages with relevant information at your fingertips.

Now, Google once again changes the landscape once again with the advent of voice search. Instead of typing your search query, you can now say it. The voice search operator will then process your request and return you pertinent pages for your choosing.

3. Leverage Marketing Automation

There are menial business tasks that you wish you could delegate to someone else. However, since you’re the only one who can implement and process these tasks, you’re left with no choice but to do them anyway. Therefore, most of your time is consumed by low-level chores while your priorities are left hanging high and dry.

To free up more of your time to attend to more important business matters, you need to use a marketing automation platform that will help you take care of smaller tasks. These platforms normally take care of running your email marketing, drip campaigns, user segmentation, and data harvesting on autopilot.

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There are lots of marketing automation tools to choose from. They can be pricey, but it depends on what your needs and goals are. But if you want to see the automation platforms you can use, Jeff Bullas lists the best ones in this post.

4. Find & Get Help From an Agency

To grow your business, you need all the help you can get. Luckily for you, ThePixel who has been helping online business grow since 2008. It’s a perfect match that allows you to simplify your business by building a dedicated remote staff who will help make your business a rousing success.

The real problem now is getting the right agency for the job. There are lots of skillful web agencies out there, but don’t have the discipline or work well in a team setting. The same thing applies vice versa. Your job as a business owner is difficult as it is and finding the perfect agency for your business makes everything much harder.

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5. Crowdfunding

If you plan on launching a physical product or a SaaS, your current funds may not be enough to get it off the ground. Therefore, you need to acquire funding from different sources so you can push through with your plans starting with crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding serves as a litmus test to the viability of your product that you can use as proof before asking for funding from venture capitalists and angel investors. There are lots of crowdfunding sites to help build equity for your business and properly develop and analyze your product.

The goal of crowdfunding is to test the waters and see if there’s a market for your product. If your product didn’t reach its goal, it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the road for you. You can use everything that took place in your crowdfunding campaign to improve and refine your product before officially launching it.


Your online business should never remain static. It should learn how to adapt and innovate along with the times. The suggestions and advice above allow you to stay a step above the competition so you can maximize your earnings potential. Since the goal of every business is to maximize profit, then you should work tirelessly to achieve this goal and continue reaching for next highest gear possible.

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