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    Create a High-Converting Landing Page

    July 9, 2020 by in category Web Design tagged as , with 0 and 2
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    How to Create a High-Converting Landing Page: 4 Crucial Components

    For any business, landing pages are crucial for building brand awareness, creating trust with new visitors, and increasing sales.

    If you’re going to grow your brand, you need landing pages for your campaigns. They single out specific products, services, and offers and give users in-depth information. This allows them to make well-rounded, informed buying decisions they’re proud of.

    Creating a landing page that converts isn’t challenging, but it does take some research. You need to understand your target audience and what they want to give them an offer they can’t refuse. But first, you need to know the crucial elements to include so you receive a healthy ROI.

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    If you want a high-converting landing page, here are four components you need to know about. Let’s get started.


    Your headline is the first thing people see when they stumble across your landing page. It tells them if the offer ahead of them is something they’re interested in. Failure to optimize it for your target audience means you won’t see results.

    Your headlines should be clear, relevant, and urgent to help visitors solve a pressing problem. It needs to understand your readers well enough to grab their attention and persuade them to engage further.

    The most common headlines include:

    • How-to: Users know from this title that they’ll go through a step-by-step process on how to do something. Since many people search online for solutions, these headlines work well.
    • Questions: Headlines with questions appeal to a specific audience and work great for segmented campaigns.
    • To the point: For users who don’t care for frilly language or beating around the bush, headlines that get straight to the point work well.
    • Numbers: When users see a numbered or statistical headline, they can visualize the different ways they’ll learn, which intrigues them enough to prolong their engagement.

    If you have trouble coming up with optimized headlines, use a headline analyzer tool. It gives you feedback on what works for your title so you can adjust it to match SEO requirements and entice your audience.


    Without subheadings, your landing page is nothing more than a long block of text. Website visitors don’t want to browse a website without user-friendly design. So, subheadings are a must.

    Your subheadlines work to keep visitors engaged on your landing page until they feel confident enough to take action, such as joining your email list or buying your product. Your subheads should break up information so it’s organized and relevant.

    Use your subheads to go into detail about your offer and why your customers should invest in it. Give them a taste of what you’re about to tell them so they feel intrigued and continue browsing.

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    Most online users don’t want to interact with blocks of text on a webpage. They’d rather see a mix of visual content that adds flair to the campaign and makes it fun to engage with.

    Recent studies show that users can recall 65 percent of visual content for as long as three days after seeing it. Your marketing messages have a better chance of converting with mixed media because it stays on users’ minds.

    Use images relevant to your marketing campaign and refrain from those that don’t bring you closer to your goal. If you’re selling an email marketing service, it doesn’t make sense to include stock photographs of a landscape.

    Take advantage of images, videos, graphics, infographics, and more to enhance your campaign and increase conversions. Videos perform well with campaigns because they’re versatile and offer users a unique experience. Additionally, including video content on your landing page can increase conversions by as much as 80 percent!

    CTA (Call-to-Action)

    You can’t have a high-converting landing page without an optimized call-to-action. CTAs exist to grab users’ attention and entice them to click through to your offer. If they fail to persuade visitors to act, then they need to change.

    They need to speak to your target audience using relevant keywords and action verbs. Compelling copy takes your offer to the next level and makes users feel like they have to click that button. Using the same “Submit” button is monotonous and makes you the same as your competitors.

    Relate your CTA copy back to your offer. For example, let’s say your offer is a free ebook about how to start a blog. Instead of your CTA button saying “Submit,” it could instead say “Get My Free Ebook!” That way, users know what clicking your CTA will do and it’ll encourage them to act.

    Use contrasting colors that don’t clash together. Refer to your style guide and use your brand’s color palette to ensure you use consistent branding. The text color and background color should work well together so they’re easy to consume and don’t frustrate users.

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    Creating a converting landing page doesn’t have to be a hassle. It may seem like a daunting task, but landing pages are simple to create if you know what elements to include. Components like headings, subheadings, visuals, and CTAs work to improve your marketing message and turn visitors into customers.

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