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Complete Website Redesign Handbook

Everything from Website Design, Testing & Launch

What's included in the Complete Website Redesign Handbook

In The Complete Website Redesign Handbook we breakdown each website section and what to expect.

Chapter 1 - Preface

Stages of a Website Redesign

Chapter 5 - Pre-Launch

Quality assurance testing

Chapter 2 - Planning

Does your website need an overhaul?

Chapter 6 - Post-Launch

More QA, more testing

Chapter 3 - Preparing

Hire a dream team to build your website

Chapter 4 - Production

Info architecture, content development & migration

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Tackling a website redesign requires a lot of planning and resources, as well as a combination of the right project team and tools. This handbook was designed to be a marketer’s ultimate guide to a successful redesign, and to help you identify the best team and tools, simplify the planning, and minimize the time and resources required to go live.