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Thrive Spine & Sport

Created to fill a void in the Cedar Rapids medical community to help individuals find answers to their pain! We are a results based health care facility! Our passion is for facilitating health by resolving sport and overuse injuries, while optimizing your performance on and off the field!


Revolution Slider

Incorporate images or videos in the Revolution custom slider.  Create eye-catching visual graphics using separate objects to create a better user experience.



Cody Scharf, DC - Owner of Thrive Spine and Sport has to say...

"One of the best decisions I made for my business! Working with Lindi at ThePixel has been a great experience. Response to any communication and question is quick and any projects are finished within just a few days. I would strongly encourage anyone looking to upgrade their website to use ThePixel!"


Custom Design

Get a website that makes your business look great and perform better online.

We’re so proud to have award winning web designers and developers. Our team produce designs which are exclusive, as well as systems which are super slick! This means that the websites we deliver, stand up to tough use and the demands of the larger business without cost!

Want to be our next success story?

Each website quote is custom fit to your individual specifications. We do not use templates, so each website we design is original and unique for each client.

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