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Site Speed — A Critical Factor Some Businesses Overlook

September 13, 2019 by in category Hosting tagged as with 0 and 3
Home > Blog > Hosting > Site Speed — A Critical Factor Some Businesses Overlook

As a web user, you probably can’t stand those over-designed, over-loaded sites that bring your browser to a screeching halt. As much as I’d like to believe that the average human being’s attention span is at least a little better than research suggests, I know that very few of us exhibit the patience to wait a few extra seconds for a homepage to load when we can just click back to other search results in a split second.

SEO and user experience experts have studied the issue and the results are clear: slow sites convert fewer visitors into customers and tend to make less money off of the customers they do win over.

Web users don’t like slow sites. Search engines don’t like them either.ecommerces shopping cart solutions

Google is looking for ways to improve the the experience web users have with their search results. Make no mistake: they don’t expect searchers to change their behavior, they want sites to get faster and easier to navigate.

All the way back in 2010, Google officially made site speed a ranking factor. Just recently, we’ve seen algorithm updates that further increased the importance of having a fast loading site and a responsive web design.

Understanding Site Speed

In 2015, if you really want to please your site visitors and the search engines that send them, you can’t afford to overlook site loading time. The good news is that slow site speeds can be easily solved through a variety of means, including content caching, minifying code, and switching from shared hosting to a private host like managed hosting.

We’d like to share an excellent infographic from cloud infrastructure company SingleHop that will help you test to see if you have a site speed problem and find the solution.