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How to Learn More About Your Website Visitors

February 26, 2018 by in category Business, Inbound Marketing, Web Design tagged as
Learn-More About-Your-Website-Visitors

Learn as much about your website visitors as possible Once you have your site up and running, your priority should be to learn as much about them as possible. There are a number of programs that can help you do this. #1 Google Analytics Google Analytics (GA) is free, and can be accessed through a [...]

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Why Business Leaders Should Invest in Inbound Marketing

February 24, 2018 by in category Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing tagged as

Virtually every sales and marketing professional is familiar with the proven sales process concept of “the funnel.” At its very basic construct, the funnel is simply a visual tool into which sales prospects are “poured” to begin the journey from prospect to customer. Along the way, prospects interact at various stages with the seller, sometimes [...]

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The Difference Between Direct and Organic Search Traffic Sources

February 22, 2018 by in category Inbound Marketing, Search Engine Optimization tagged as ,

Gain insight from your web traffic - Organic and Direct Sources For a long time, digital marketers summed up the properties of direct and organic traffic pretty similarly and simply. To most, organic traffic consists of visits from search engines, while direct traffic is made up of visits from people entering your company URL into [...]

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Increase Blog Conversions

February 21, 2018 by in category Content, Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Online Marketing tagged as ,

The purpose of your blog is to attract new followers Are you leaving your blog readers hanging or do you tell them how to take the next step with you? The purpose of your blog is to attract new followers or new customers. Are you letting your readers know how to become followers or customers? [...]

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Top 20 Social Media Tips

February 20, 2018 by in category Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing tagged as ,

Top 20 social media tips for your digital marketing Interested in taking your social media strategy to the next level? It’s not enough to just post on social media channels. Reconsider your overall strategy and how to reach your audience with relevant and engaging content. To up your social media game and gain a competitive [...]

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